How to Prepare for the 2022 DSSSB PRT Exam: Tips & Strategy

DSSSB PRT preparation tips: The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) will be running the PRT exam shortly. Candidates need to start preparation as early as possible in order to cover the full curriculum and have enough time to practice. You need to be armed with smart strategies to prepare and address each section of the DSSSB PRT Question Paper 2022. Adda247 brings you key tips for the 2022 DSSSB PRT exam. These DSSSB PRT preparation tips are designed to help you pass the DSSSB exam with flying colors.

DSSSB PRT exam 2022: exam template

The DSSSB PRT questionnaire consists of 200 questions with 1 point each. The work is divided into two parts – Part-A and Part-B. In Part-A, candidates have to solve 100 questions from 5 different sections. English, Hindi, arithmetic and numerical skills, general awareness and general intelligence and reasoning are the five sections from Part-A. Part B is devoted to teaching qualifications and comprises 100 points. Candidates have to solve 200 questions within 2 hours. For every wrong answer there is a negative rating of 0.25 points.

subjects questions Brands
General awareness 20th 20th
General intelligence and reasoning 20th 20th
Arithmetic and numerical skills 20th 20th
English language 20th 20th
Hindi language 20th 20th
Subject Concerned (MCQs with one grade each from the relevant subject (teaching methodology / B.El.Ed. / D.Ed. / NTT / JBT etc.) 100 100
total 200 200

How to prepare for DSSSB PRT 2022?

Since the DSSSB exam calendar was published in 2022, candidates must be aware of the vacancies and the approximate exam date. Candidates have to start their preparations well in advance in order to be well prepared when the DSSSB teacher examination approaches. Below are some tips and tricks for the DSSSB PRT 2022 exam. They will help you find the clarity and confidence to get your desired exam results.

Analyze the curriculum and exam pattern:

However, it makes sense to analyze the DSSSB 2022 exam syllabus and exam pattern to understand the amount of study material you will need to learn in order to pass the exam with flying colors. Candidates should have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the subjects and topics they need to cover for the 2022 DSSSB exam. Hence, this is one of the top tips for preparing for the DSSSB PRT 2022 exam as it gives an insight into which subjects and topics to focus on. The DSSSB exam lasts 2 hours and candidates have to answer 200 questions of 200 points in these 2 hours. DSSSB has five sections of 20 points – English, Hindi, Arithmetic and Numerical Skills, General Awareness, and General Intelligence and reasoning. There is a 100-mark teaching qualification section.

Manage the right timetable

Candidates will need to create a class schedule to solidify their preparation schedule for the DSSSB PRT 2022 exam. In the timetable, you need to devote the correct amount of time to each section. Since the area of ​​teaching aptitude offers the best grades, candidates should take more time to carefully understand the basic terms of the subject. However, you must also devote adequate time to the other 5 sections of 20 points.

Checklist for creating a timetable:

An ideal schedule should be based on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the weighting of the grades allocated to the individual sections should also be taken into account. The factors that candidates should consider when preparing for their DSSSB PRT 2022 exam are:

  • The timetable should contain all topics.
  • The timetable should be drawn up in tabular form with all the topics mentioned and the time allotted for them.
  • The timetable should have a lesson structure. An 8 hour full day tutorial is highly recommended. Therefore, the timetable should be structured in such a way that it takes into account an 8-hour curriculum.
  • It is highly recommended that you keep making space in the timetable for specific subtopics, the name of the study material, references, and other relevant and helpful guidance. This helps candidates stay organized and focus more fully on their studies.
  • Depending on their strengths and weaknesses, the candidates must take adequate time for each relevant topic and topic.
  • Try to incorporate reading of newspapers and other sources of timely material into the curriculum as 20 points are provided for general awareness.

Important topics for the DSSSB PRT exam 2022

Candidates should have a knowledge of key topics that are primarily featured in DSSSB PRT exams. We have come up with all sorts of topics that are relevant and important for the preparation of the prospective candidates:

section Important topics
General awareness
  • Current affairs
  • History, Geography & Politics
  • General science
  • Indian economy
  • Banks & Economy
  • Static GK
General intelligence & reasoning
  • Encoding-decoding
  • Analogy & classification
  • Alphanumeric / number series
  • Non-verbal
  • series
  • characters
  • Statement / assumptions
  • Consanguinity
  • Other question
Arithmetic and numerical skills
  • Number system
  • simplification
  • Arithmetic question
  • Geometry & measurement
  • FROM
  • CI & SI
  • ratio
English language and understanding
  • Passage (including antonyms & synonyms)
  • Idioms & Phrases / One-Word Replacement
  • Error correction
  • Recognition / spelling errors
  • Basic English grammar
Hindi language and passages
  • Synonyms / antonyms
  • Sayings and proverbs
  • spelling mistake
  • Sentence correction / sentence errors
  • Hindi grammar (Karak, Tense, Sandhi, Samas, Feminin, Male, Samas, Sandhi)
Teaching qualification
  • NEP
  • To learn
  • to teach
  • Rating & rating
  • Growth and development
  • NCF 2005
  • Educational philosophy
  • Children’s right to free and compulsory education
  • Theories

Conscious formulation of study notes:

One of the most important tips for preparing for the DSSSB-PRT is taking care of a notebook. Write down any important information you gather from various sources of information in a notebook. Organize the notes by subject and chronology. For example, dedicate a notebook to all of the major theories and concepts of teaching qualification. This makes it easier for you to access the relevant and most relevant topics that you want to revise on a regular basis.

Trial sample test and test series

It is important that DSSSB PRT candidates take as many test tests and test series as possible to improve their chances of passing the DSSSB PRT 2022 exam. The test series are a great way to assess and evaluate your performance. You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can use the results of the test series to work on your weaknesses and improve your overall performance.

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