How to prepare for WB ANM GNM 2022

How to prepare for WB ANM GNM 2022 – The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board (WBJEEB) will conduct the joint entrance exam for candidates wishing to take Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) and General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) courses at colleges across West Bengal state. The WB ANM GNM 2022 will be carried out on June 11 & 12, 2022 in offline mode.

Now that the examination board has announced the dates for the WB ANM GNM 2022 exam and the exam is only a few months away, the candidates have to start preparing. The sooner you start your prep journey, the sooner you will see the results. So pull up your sleeves, get out your textbooks and go into study mode. The article below will help the candidate get the tips and tricks too Preparation for WB ANM GNM 2022 in an efficient way.

How to prepare for WB ANM GNM 2022

It is not new in the academic universe that students who want to appear for every entrance exam are searching all over the internet for the best prep strategy to help them pass the entrance exam with flying colors. WB ANM GNM 2022 is a state exam and candidates can follow preparation tips below to crack the exam.

Get to know the exam and the curriculum- This is the first step in your building called success. It is very important to understand the requirements of the exam. In short, carefully analyze the exam pattern so you know where to begin your prep journey. Go through the curriculum well and memorize it so that you will understand the subjects to be covered as you study.

Textbooks Since the curriculum revolves around the 10th and 12th grade subjects, the primary focus will be on reading and preparing your notes from the NCERTs. After you’ve studied the basic textbooks thoroughly, go ahead and get the advanced textbooks. In principle, advanced textbooks should be preferred to strengthen preparation and better practice.

Taking notes: When preparing for WB ANM GNM 2022 it is important to take notes specifying the important topics and formulas for each topic. Highlight the important points in these notes. Please refer to these tips over and over again during preparation to get a better grip on the topics.

Time schedule- Make a realistic class schedule and sitting for long hours to study is not recommended. Make a learning routine of 6 hours a day and divide your time according to the subjects. Logical reasoning and math should be practiced every day, so give both subjects 1.5 hours each. In the remaining 3 hours you will study another subject and end your day by repeating everything you learned during the day. Get 7 hours of sleep and do some physical activity to avoid fatigue.

PYQs and mock tests- After 3 months of religious studies, candidates must begin to allow time to complete the questionnaires and test tests from previous years. This will help build your confidence and correct your mistakes. Try as many PYQs as you can as this would prepare you from an exam day perspective. Candidates can use a timer while trying out the questions and record the time it takes to solve all of the questions.

Last minute preparation tips for WB ANM GNM 2022

As the WB ANM GNM 2022 exam approaches, candidates can use the tips below to help keep them calm and collected

  1. Believe in your preparation because all of your hard work will pay off once the result is announced. In other words, believe in yourself.
  2. Candidates tend to sleep less before the exam, it is recommended not to do so and to sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  3. During the revision, candidates can either highlight the important points or make small notes and index cards with the important topics from the notes. If your curriculum is not complete, stick with revising the servings that have already been prepared.
  4. Talk to your friends, fellow candidates, mentors, and teachers about the question paper format and important topics you would like to study. Discuss difficult questions and opinions on a topic at the last minute for better understanding.

Examination template for WB ANM GNM 2022

Candidates must be fully familiar with the WB ANM GNM Exam Pattern 2022 before beginning exam preparation. So, be sure to thoroughly review the WB ANM GNM Exam Pattern 2022 given below

  • The exam consists of a pen and paper test, and the question paper is divided into two categories.
  • The test is carried out on only one piece of paper for all candidates.
  • The exam will take 1 1/2 hours.
  • The question paper will be available in both English and Bengali.
  • The WB ANM GNM 2022 comprises questions from 6 subjects.

The division of the question paper into sections is given below:

object Category 1
(Each quest has 01 characters, -1/4 for each wrong answer)
Category 2
(Each question has the 02 mark, there is no negative rating for the wrong answers)
Overall grades
Life sciences 30th 10 50
Physical science fifteen 5 25th
English fifteen fifteen
mathematics 10 10
General knowledge 10 10
Logical thinking 5 5

Marking scheme for WB ANM GNM 2022

The labeling scheme for both categories of WB ANM GNM 2022 is given below:

WB ANM GNM curriculum 2022

The WB GNM ANM 2022 curriculum is given below.

The following subjects are based on the curricula of the 10th standard curriculum of recognized boards / councils in India

  1. Life sciences
  2. Physical sciences
  3. mathematics

The following subjects are based on the 12th standard curriculum

  1. English
  2. General knowledge
  3. Logical thinking

Important books for WB ANM GNM 2022

The table below mentions some important books for WB ANM GNM 2022

Books Left
General entrance exam for nursing and midwife Check here
Santra Anm (R) Gnm entrance organizer Check here
Chhaya ANM (R) & GNM Challenger – Chayya Prakashini Check here
WB ANM & GNM – Gourdas Saha Check here
50 exercise sets ANM (R) & GNM (Bengali version) – Jain and Jaiswal Check here

FAQs to prepare for WB ANM GNM 2022

Q. What is WB ANM GNM 2022?

Answer WBJEEB conducts the joint entrance examination for admission to the courses of study in nursing and midwifery assistants as well as nursing and midwifery in general.

Q. Will the WB ANM GNM 2022 be an objective type examination?

Answer Yes, the WB ANM GNM 2022 will contain 100 multiple-choice questions from different subjects.

Q. Will reasoning be difficult in WB GNM ANM 2022?

Answer The assignment paper consists of logical reasoning based on grade 12, so candidates can expect the questions that can be solved by grade 12.

Q. How many categories of questions will there be in WB ANM GNM 2022?

Answer In WB ANM GNM 2022 there will be two categories of questions.

Q. Will there be a negative mark in WB ANM GNM 2022?

Answer Yes, WB ANM GNM will only have a negative rating of 1/4 in category 1 of the questionnaire.

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