How to prepare general awareness of SSC CGL and any state job exam

The general awareness section in SSC CGL, NRA CET, SSC CHSL, MTS and all state professional exams is the most extensive topic. This article is a complete guide to preparing general awareness for ssc cgl. General awareness of ssc cgl contains topics of various kinds and candidates must know at least part of them. In this article, we will share tips on how to prepare general awareness of ssc chsl and ssc cgl.

Preparation strategy for general studies

General awareness of SSC CGL 2021

Nothing can be left unprepared, because the cut-off is very high every year. You can’t get more than 150 points if you don’t prepare this section and don’t stay selected. If all points are followed correctly, you will know how to get 40+ in GK ssc cgl. achieved Quora. General awareness preparation is difficult because it is a highly unpredictable topic and questions can come from any topic. The student generally focuses more on quantitative aptitude preparation and English while leaving general awareness preparation behind.

SSC CGL general awareness-raising topic-based analysis

Look for papers from the previous year and analyze which topic the most questions are asked about. We have the most important topics for general awareness-raising are compiled usually asked in SSC exams and other state professional exams.

Covering these general ssc cgl awareness topics would help you prepare and get good grades. These important topics help to know how to get GS for ssc cgl. prepared – Quora. Go through the complete ssc cgl General Awareness curriculum if you have more than 6 months to spare. If time is short, study the following key topics.

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Important subtopics for general studies

  1. community – Fundamental Rights and Duties, Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Articles on the President, Writings in the Indian Constitution, Duties and Articles of the Governor, State Government, Official Language, Political Parties, Major Constitutional Changes.
  2. chemistry – chemical formulas of substances commonly used in daily life such as washing soda, pH values ​​of various liquids.
  3. physics – SI units, lens and mirror, sound wave, wavelength and frequency of light, important discoveries, laws of motion, layers of atmosphere, light scattering, Snells law, laws of reflection.
  4. geography – important rivers and their origins, mountain peaks where river city is populated, forest cover in India, forest types, soil types in India, state and international borders, world institutes, locations like the WHO and their heads.
  5. business – GDP figures, economic organizations like RBI, Ministry of Finance, employment figures, globalization, economic policy, 5-year history of action plans, NITI aayog.
  6. biology – Human digestive system, produces different enzymes to digest food, which gland produces which enzyme, diseases like vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets, names of important bones like thigh bones, male and female hormones, parts of the eye like cornea, pupil and their Functions, plants and their structure, scientific names of common plants like neem.
  7. story – modern India, revolutions in India, formation of Congress, important Congress sessions, ancient history, Harrapan civilization, Mughal era, important monuments from Mughal era, founders of cities like Agra, important battles like Battle of Buxar, Panipat, Nalanda Empire, Ashoka -Dynasty, Vedic period, freedom fighters.
  8. computer – History of computers, hexadecimal system, octal system, RAM and ROM, output and input devices
  9. Current – Awards, books and authors, appointments – national and international, national programs, heads of international organizations.

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Best resources for general awareness prep

Here are the The best books for general awareness preparation for SSC exams and top online teachers for online preparation for general awareness.

  1. Lucent’s general knowledge – It is the evergreen book for preparation. Most students follow this because it contains a large amount of information. It contains all of the facts necessary to score over 40 on the General Awareness section. Highlight important facts and read them over and over again. History, politics, biology, geography, and economics can all be supplemented from Lucent’s general knowledge book.
  2. Unakademie – There are many good online teachers on Unacademy such as Varun Awasthi, Pratiyogita mantra who help in general awareness preparation.
  3. Youtube – You can prepare almost any topic from general awareness from YouTube. There are so many educators out there who provide their content for free. Channels you can learn from are StudyIQ, Adda247, GK Today, Varun Awasthi.
  4. Lucent general science – This book covers all facts related to general science. You can also refer to NCERT books as most of the general science questions are at a basic level and curriculum topics are covered through 10th grade.
  5. Newspapers – To prepare for the day’s events, you can look up the newspaper and read it for a maximum of 30 minutes a day. Not only does this help you memorize current events, it also helps in improving English grammar, sentence improvement, and vocabulary.

SSC CGL general awareness of thematic weighting

Here is thematic distribution of the number of questions Asked in the general awareness section. Current is the most important topic with maximum weight.

theme Distribution of questions
Current affairs 8-10
community 3-4
story 4-5
geography 1-2
business 2-3
General science 5-6
computer 2-3

Evaluation topic

General awareness is in some ways a very important topic that you can get high grades on in a relatively faster amount of time than other sections. Where you have to solve and then answer. For general awareness questions, you need to know the answer and move on to choosing the right option. This section can be completed in less than 10 minutes, saving time trying out other sections.

Important online links for general awareness preparation

  1. Modern India by Varun Awasthi
  2. Biology complete preparation
  3. Digestion system for SSC CGL
  4. Rivers and Major Cities by Sandeep Sir
  5. 100 MCQs on static GK for SSC CHSL, CGL PDF
  6. Static GK total playlist

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