How to prepare the arguments for Ibps Po 2022?

argumentation is one of the important topics of IBPS-PO and as the exam level increases day by day, it is important to develop a good exam strategy, especially for reasoning. Since reasoning is a tricky subject, and if we practice it properly, we can try a maximum number of questions. Hence, we will discuss in this article how to prepare the reasoning for IBPS PO 2022 (both Prelims and Mains). According to the latest exam trend, 60-70% of the argumentation questions asked in the exam are just puzzles. Other important topics such as Logical reasoning, syllogism, data appropriateness, direction and distance, consanguinity, ranking, sense of direction, etc.


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IBPS PO Reasoning Section Exam Pattern

Before preparing the arguments for IBPS PO, we should know the full exam pattern as it will help us develop an appropriate strategy for the exam. Therefore, below is the arguing exam template for both IBPS PO Prelims and Mains:

object Maximum questions asked Highest Score Allotted time
Argumentation (IBPS PO Prelims) 35 35 20 minutes
Argumentation (IBPS PO Mains) 45 60 60 minutes

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IBPS PO Reasoning Section Examination Schedule:

The curriculum will help you know which topic to focus on. Therefore, below is the IBPS PO Reasoning Syllabus with a set of expected questions on each topic:

subjects Number of questions expected
Puzzles and seating arrangements
  • About 3 sentences (15 questions) are asked on this subject in Prelims
  • About 4 to 5 sentences (20-25 questions) are asked on this topic in Mains
  • About 4-5 questions will be asked on this topic in the preliminary round
  • Mains can be used to ask questions based on reverse syllogism or new patterns.
  • There were 5 questions on this topic in Prelims
  • This is a seldom asked topic on the internet
  • In the prelims exam, around 3 to 4 questions from a sentence or word coding are asked.
  • In the main, new pattern-based coding questions are asked
  • In the main exam, around 5 questions from this topic are asked in the main subject
  • This topic is generally not raised in Prelims
Data availability
  • About 5 to 7 questions are asked in Mains on this topic
  • Data security is also queried in advance
Various problems (blood relationship, alphanumeric series, order and ranking)
  • In the Prelim exam, around 8 to 10 questions are asked on this topic
  • In Mains, around 3 to 4 questions are asked on this topic
Logical thinking
  • Approx. 10 questions are asked on this topic in the main examination
  • This section is generally not queried in Prelims

Important topics to be addressed for the argument in IBPS PO (Prelims & Mains)

It is necessary to understand the important bank argument preparation issues that we need to focus on and the complete strategy for preparing them. In the following, the topic-related important tips and tricks are listed to help you prepare for IBPS PO (Prelims and Mains):

1. Puzzle and seating arrangement:

  • Prepare yourself well with the new types of intermediate level puzzles.
  • Don’t spend more time on a single puzzle.
  • Always organize the information in the desired structure such as table, circle, line.
  • Most puzzles are in the shape of seating arrangements such as linear, circular, triangular, rectangular, and sometimes hexagonal.
  • Use reasoning tricks to solve the questions

2. Syllogism:

  • Syllogism will help you get a score if you are good at it.
  • It is true that syllogism is one of the easiest points to evaluate in the reasoning part.
  • Always try to solve syllogistic questions without a pen or paper.
  • Now the questions are generally asked by the reverse syllogism.
  • In addition, some questions from the direct syllogism are asked.

3. Inequality:

  • In the preliminary phases, questions about direct and coded inequality are usually asked. You need to understand the basic meaning of the symbol and its order of priority, e.g. B. between> and> = or
  • When practicing, always be clear about neither-nor and either-or.

4. Coding-decoding:

  • Questions can be asked about both old and new patterns.
  • You need to learn all of the basic rules of the subject before attempting the questions.
  • Practice is key, practice his questions for a better and deeper understanding.
  • This topic generally falls into the simple category. Hence, it will be easier to get good grades on this subject.

5. Data adequacy:

  • This section can help you score well in the reasoning section.
  • The level of the questions in this section is moderate.
  • The answers to the question are not clear. We need to find out the most appropriate in terms of condition.
  • The most important thing is to read the questions carefully. This will help you give an accurate answer

6. Logical reasoning:

  • The questions asked on this topic are based on assumptions, a course of action, cause and effect, conclusions, the strength of arguments, interventions, etc.
  • It is important to practice verbal thinking as much as possible.
  • The questions asked on this topic are always of an intermediate level. Hence, it is easy to ask more questions without wasting time.
  • This section always helps you get good grades.

What is the IBPS PO selection process?

Tips to get started with argumentation questions in less time:

  • Practice is the key to success. Therefore, always practice from the best books.
  • This is important in choosing the right questions. Your tangibility in reading the question should be efficient. You should always know which question to skip later and which to solve.
  • Always ask the simple questions first. This saves you time for difficult questions.
  • No panic. Be calm and calm and don’t get nervous as it will be difficult to solve even the simpler questions.
  • Time management is the most important thing. Proper time management can help you get great results.
  • Try to use reasoning tricks to solve questions as this will help solve questions faster.
  • Sectional tests will help you check your performance. Therefore, carry out the section-by-section tests.

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Best Books for Reasoning section for IBPS PO

Choosing the right books for preparation also plays an important role. Hence, below are the best books for preparing IBPS PO (Prelims & Mains) reasoning skills:

  • A New Approach to Logical Thinking by BS Sijwali + Indu Sijwali (Arihunt Publication)
  • SSC argumentation by chapter by SN Prasad (Kiran Publication
  • Verbal reasoning by RS Aggrawal of S. Chand Publication
  • A New Approach to Verbal and Nonverbal Thinking (Arihant Publication)

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