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English is the well-known corresponding language in the world. It is the most important school subject that students need to learn. International English Olympics is an annual exam conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation for School beginners. IEO is an English language and grammar composition that helps students analyze themselves in relation to their English proficiency. SOF organizes these Olympiads for students based on their knowledge of English and grammar. The students who want to attend the IEO 2022 can visit their official SOF website for brief information on the test. In this article we will also briefly inform you about the International English Olympics 2022 such as exam date, curriculum, rewards, application process, date of declaration of results and much more.

International English Olympics 2022

The International English Olympiad is an annual examination conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for high school students. The Olympiad focuses on the use of the English language and tests students on the same level. These Olympic exams help students compete in national and international English Olympiad competitions. Students from various schools across the country take these exams. Learn a language is a never ending process. Such topics always have room for improvement. This can only be achieved with sheer hard work, love for the subject, and deep commitment.

The grades obtained in the Olympics help students change compared to other students from across the country and abroad. Students taking the IEO will also receive a Performance Report (SPR), which will provide them with a detailed analysis of their performance. The exam is open to students in grades 1 through 10. It helps them develop proficiency in English.

The main highlights of the IEO 2022

Name of the Olympics International English Olympics
Started by Science Olympiad Foundation
year 2022
Goal setting To help students test their English skills by competing against other students
Classes 1st to 10th students
official page

Goal of the International English Olympiad

The Olympic exam aims to improve the English spelling, grammar sentences, structure and language skills of the master class students. Learning a language is a never-ending process and there is always room for improvement in these subjects. The main purpose of the English Olympiad exam is to improve students’ skills by introducing them to the basic important concept.

Organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation, the Olympiad has received a great response from across the country with a large number of students attending different competitions SOF has been organizing various olympics for over two decades. These Olympiads encourage students to review their level and knowledge in various subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, general knowledge, English, etc.

International English Olympiad Awards and Rewards

The awards are given to the best performing students at international and zonal levels. The number of awards, criteria for the awards, and specific details about the award are listed below:

Awards for grades 1 and 2

Level 2

rank Awards Number of awards
1 INR 50,000 each + gold medal + certificate of excellence 12th
2. INR 25,000 each + silver medal + certificate of excellence 12th
3. INR 10000 each + bronze metal + Certificate of Excellence 12th
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Award for class 1 and 2

Zone level

Level 2

rank Awards Number of awards
1 INR 5000 each + gold medal + certificate of zonal excellence 240
2. INR 2500 each + silver medal + certificate of zonal excellence 240
3. INR 1000 each + bronze medal + certificate of zonal excellence 1680
4th to 10th Gifts worth INR 1000 + Award Medal + Award Certificate + Certificate of Zonal Excellence 3600
11th to 20th Certificate of Zonal Excellence + Award Medal + Award Certificate All
26th and higher Certificate of Merit

Award for level 1 performance

Zonal level

rank Awards Number of awards
1 to 25 Medal of Honor + Certificate of Honor 240
26 and higher Certificate of attendance All

Awards for schools

There are awards for various top performing schools and the various awards for school participation in the Olympics are listed below:

International level
category Awards Number of awards
Best headmaster INR 25,000 each + quote + trophy 10
Best teacher INR 10,000 each + quote + trophy 10
Awards at the zonal level
category Awards Number of awards
Best headmaster INR 10000 each + quote + trophy 100
Best teacher INR 5000 each + quote + trophy 60
National Scholarship Test For Youth
District-level awards
category Awards Number of awards
Best headmaster INR 2500 + quote + trophy 500
Best teacher INR 1000 + quote + trophy 500

Admission criteria for Level 1 examination

There are no specific criteria for the Level 1 exam as grades 1 through 12 students can take it. Also, there is no minimum score, which in turn makes the Level 1 exam open to a large number of students. All students from Germany or abroad who are enrolled in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to participate.

Admission criteria for level 2 examination

Students who perform well on the Level 1 exam will be shortlisted to enter Level 2. The eligibility criteria for the Level 2 exam are listed below:

  • The top 5% of students in each class who showed up for the Level 1 exam.
  • Top 25 zonal and first-class first-rate owners.
  • Top of the class from each participating school, where at least 10 students in a class appear in the exam and achieve 50% of the qualification grades.
  • Top placeholder for section-by-section registration.
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Registration procedure for the International English Olympiad 2022

Students were interested in participating in the International English Olympiad and follow the steps below:

  • First, schools must register with the Science Olympiad Foundation. The registered school will receive the prospectus with the registration form. Students can obtain these registration forms from their respective schools.
  • Schools that are not registered with the Science Olympiad Foundation can request the prospectus. The school can contact SOF by phone or email.
  • Students who want to take part in the International English Olympiad can fill out the registration form with all the relevant information and send the completed form to the respective schools.
  • The school must then return the duly completed registration form to the SOF in due time.

Registration fee for the International English Olympics 2022

There is a registration fee that applicants must pay to pay the child’s fees as follows:

  • For schools in India, there is an enrollment fee of INR 125 per student.
  • For international schools, there is an application fee of USD 9 per student.

Exam structure for the International English Olympiad 2022

The exam is conducted in two levels, with the top performing Level 1 students qualifying for Level 2. This is how the exam is structured:

Level 1
  • Level 1 is organized in the respective schools of the students. The exam takes place during school days.
  • The exam takes 60 minutes.
  • The exam takes the form of multiple choice questions (objective type). There are 35 questions for students in grades 1 through 4 and 50 questions for students in grades 5 through 12.
  • The question paper consists of 4 sections:
  • Word and structure skills (Section 1)
  • Reading (Section 2)
  • Oral and written expression (Section 3)
  • Section of the service providers (Section 4)
  • There are separate questionnaires for each class and the test medium is English.
  • The examination papers are designed according to the curricula of CBSE, ICSE / ISC and State Board.
Level 2

Students who perform well on the Level 1 exam will qualify for the Level 2 exams. The 3rd to 12th grade students attended the level 2 exams. The following students are eligible to take the level 2 exams:

  • The best 5% of the candidates in the Level 1 exam for each class
  • Class and zone-related top 25 ranks in level 1
  • The class winner is entitled if at least 10 students take the exam and achieve 50% of the qualification points

Result for International English Olympiad 2022

The result of the International English Olympiad will be sent directly to the registered schools and announced within 8 weeks of the exam. Applicants whose school does not receive the result can also see their result on the SOF website.

  • Section A includes the grades and rank of students achieved in school / city / zone / at international level
  • Section B deals with the student’s section-by-section performance assessment
  • Section C covers the correct answers to the questions posed in the Olympics exam, the students’ responses, and the benchmarking of student responses with those of other students in the zone and internationally
  • Section D provides a percentage analysis of the student’s scores with a comparison to class, city, zone and international level
  • Section E compares the average grade analysis at school, city, zone, and international levels
  • Section F compares the student’s performance in Olympic exams over the past 8 years

Contact information

  • address: 1st floor, lot no. 99, Sector – 44, Gurgaon (Haryana) India. Pen-122003
  • phone: 0124-4951200, 9312680855, 9312680857
  • office: 406, Taj Apartment, Ring Road, Adjacent Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India. Pen – 110029
  • Registration requests: 0124-4951200,
  • Exam questions: 0124-4951200,
  • Result / awards: 0124-4951200,
  • Roll number / admission cards: 0124-4951200,
  • General questions: 0124-4951200,

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