IIT Bombay graduate secures 99.99 percentile in the CAT exam in 5 months of preparation time

MANdhana, who is B.Tech and M.Tech at IIT Bombay in the last year of his dual studies, scored the 99.99 percentile in the exam to his own surprise.

Mumbaikar Yash Mandhana, who only spent five months preparing for the CAT exam, achieved a staggering 99.99 percentile. The CAT exam, considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country, is one of the ways students get into the top management institutions in the country and Mandhana is likely to get into the top Indian institutes by getting a score of almost The management (IIMs) of the country achieved 100 percent in the exam, depending on their performance in the interview phase. MANdhana, who is B.Tech and M.Tech at IIT Bombay in the last year of his dual studies, scored 99.99 percentiles in the exam to his own surprise, reported the Indian Express.

Mandhana informed the Indian Express that he started his dedicated exam preparation in July 2021 and is regularly studying 2 hours a day for the exam. Madhana said he knew he would get a decent score and expected a score near the 99.95 percentile, but a score near the perfect score left him surprised. The topper said he was looking forward to joining one of the three IIMs of his choice, namely IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta.

Regarding the core of his prep strategy, Mandhana said that his childhood reading habits and previous experience of taking the JEE exam helped him pass the exam. He also said that solving many test tests also helped him determine his accuracy and efficiency for the exam. Madhana said that 70 percent of the curriculum in the CAT exam matched his JEE preparation, which laid the foundation for his amazing performance on the exam.

Mandhana, who regularly took part in various Olympics and proficiency tests during his school days, had also prepared for the NTSE exam during his high school, after which he secured himself at one of the top engineering institutes in the country IIT Bombay. Madhana, who has already been placed with a leading multinational corporation from his IIT campus in Bombay, is hoping to join the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, which will allow candidates to gain admission in the current session and after a two-year gap to take part in the courses.

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