Important tips from Topper for grade 12 math work

For every student, the 12ththat Standard math exam is the most important one in your career. Preparation for grade 12that Math exam can also help students prepare for the selection exams held after the exam before a committee. The competitive exams such as JEE Mains, BITS, etc. also have the same syllabus. Therefore, adequate preparation is required to pass such exams. Some of the toppers key tips for that Grade 12 math Testing are as follows.

Solve the latest sample papers

After completing a chapter, it is very important to resolve problems related to the chapter. Although just doing the exercises at the end of each chapter is not enough for your preparation, you will need to study and solve the sample papers and know the samples on the question sheets. Every year new sample papers are published and you have to solve these too. Solving these latest sample papers will give you an idea of ​​the paper and the sample. This will also help you understand the marking scheme. Solving sample papers will also help you learn the frequently asked questions. Not only does this help you understand the concepts, but it also prevents you from raiding the formulas and equations.

Maintain separate notes

Always keep separate notes for each chapter. These separate notes are very helpful as you can revise faster and not waste time trying to find specific topics that require additional time and practice. The formulas used in each chapter should also be written and practiced on a separate note as they will help you repeat yourself better and remember better. So each chapter can be revised daily before something new is started. During exam time, you can use these notes as last minute prep material. Learning the topics and their formulas with proper implementation can help you improve your understanding of the topic and its related chapters.

Follow your timetable

Formulate a suitable schedule before starting the preparation. Sufficient time should be allocated to each chapter and topic; this should include the process of practicing and revising. Make sure to include study breaks in your schedule. Try to follow the schedule as best you can.

Chapters that deserve more importance

For grade 12 math In the exam, students need to know the paper pattern of the questions and prepare the chapters accordingly. While all of the chapters are important, some chapters have more notes than others. Some of the important chapters that deserve more attention are as follows:

  • Determinants: This chapter carries more grades and is very important for other competitive exams and advanced studies. The determinant is used to find out whether or not an equation has a unique solution. The determinant is a function of the entries in a square matrix. It is a scalar value.
  • Integrals: One of the most important chapters in math is integrals. Integrals are used to determine the area of ​​a curve. It is an important part of calculus and is very important in higher studies. Students with good integral knowledge can achieve good grades in 12that Math exam. The main purpose of integrals is to measure the rate of change of any function in relation to the variables.
  • Probability: This chapter is easy compared to other chapters, but most students neglect it. This is the final chapter of grade 12that Mathematics and is avoided or not learned properly by many students. Probability is a chapter for scoring, and proper preparation can help you score better.
  • Differential equation: The relationship between one or more functions and their derivatives is called a differential equation. This chapter also carries more grades and is required for higher studies.

Learning the grading scheme and pattern of the math exam

Knowing the grading scheme can help you prepare as you can focus on the chapters and topics that will help you get higher grades. The 12ththat Class math exam is divided into four groups A, B, C and D. Sections A and B consist of questions with 1 and 2 points. Sections C and D consist of questions with 4 and 6 points. Prioritizing the chapters will help you learn and prepare better, and will help you get good results. The total number of questions should also be known by students, they should practice solving questions in a certain amount of time as it will increase their problem-solving skills and accuracy. By solving the latest pattern work, students can have a good understanding of the pattern and the nature of the assignment. A total of 36 questions are divided into 4 groups.

Effective planning

This is one of the toppers most important tips. Time management is a skill that should be practiced by all students who appear for grade 12that Math exam. This helps you to solve questions faster and more accurately and saves time during the exam. Solving questions in a given amount of time is good practice and can also help you improve your accuracy.

Sufficient rest

In addition to studying and having a proper schedule, students must also take care of their health. Adequate rest periods are an essential part of a good examination performance and should not be taken lightly. It is recommended that you allow small breaks between studies as this will help you freshen up and keep you motivated. A minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep daily is necessary and try to eat healthy foods. Always avoid junk food during the exam as it can cause health problems.

The 12ththat Grade math exam is very important for all students. Proper preparation will help you get good results and prepare you for the upcoming competitive exams. So if you follow the topper tips above, you can achieve your goal.

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