India and Spain on cooperation and mutual administrative assistance in customs matters

The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of the Agreement between India and Spain on cooperation and mutual administrative assistance in customs matters.

  • The agreement will Help to provide reliable, fast and inexpensive information and intelligence for the prevention and investigation of customs offenses and the arrest of customs offenders.
  • The deal would Provide a legal framework for the exchange of information between the customs authorities of the two countries and help in the correct application of customs laws and the detection and investigation of customs crimes and the facilitation of legitimate trade.

The agreement contains the following provisions:

  • the Correct customs assessment, in particular information on determining the customs value, the tariff classification and the origin of goods between the two countries.
  • The aAuthenticity of all documents presented in support of a declaration (such as certificate of origin, invoices, etc.) presented to the requesting authority.
  • Customs offenses related to the unauthorized carriage of:
  1. Weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices.
  2. Works of art and antiques of significant historical, cultural and archaeological value.
  3. Toxic substances and other substances dangerous to the environment and public health.
  4. Goods that are subject to significant duties or taxes.
  5. New means and methods of committing customs offenses against customs legislation.

Source: PIB


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