Indian army sets up quantum laboratory in Mhow (MP)

The Indian Army, with the assistance of the National Security Council (NSCS) Secretariat, recently established the Quantum Lab at the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering, Mhow (MP) MCTE to lead research and training in this important area of ​​development.

  • The Indian Army has one too Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the same institution with over 140 deployments in tunneling areas and active support from industry and science. Cyber ​​warfare training is provided through state-of-the-art cyber services and cyber security laboratories.
  • The research in the field of quantum technology carried out by the Indian Army will help to jump over to the communication of the next generation and to convert the current cryptography system of the Indian armed forces to post-quantum cryptography (PQC).
  • Important areas of impact are Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Communication, Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Source: PIB


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