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Any candidate who passes 10th and 12th exams can serve in the Indian Coast Guard. Students who have a degree in engineering and who are passionate about joining the Indian Coast Guard, for such students we share information about Indian Coast Guard curriculum from Navik (GD & DB) and Yantrik Post. Candidates who have not yet completed the application form will be able to submit their application form shortly by clicking on the Indian Coast Guard official website or by clicking the link below. All other information about the exam is available on the official website. Now let’s look at the Indian Coast Guard 2022 Exam Curriculum.

Types of Vacancies in the Indian Coast Guard Exam: –

The following positions are recruited each year for Navik and Yantrik positions in the Indian Coast Guard. In the table below you can see in which departments the application forms are issued each year for the positions mechanics and seaman.

mechanicscal engineering Electronics / telecommunications technology Electrical engineering
Marine Engg. / Marine Engg. Systems Advanced electronics and communication Electrics and electronics (energy system)
Mechanical engg. Electronic instrumentation and control Engg. Electrics and electronics
Mechanical (production) electronics Electrics and instrumentation
Mechanical (automobile) Electronics (fiber optics) Electrical and mechanical
Mechanical (refrigeration and air conditioning) Electronics and communication Electric
Mechanical Eng. (Repair and maintenance) Electronics and electrics Electrics (electronics and power)
production Electronics and telecommunications Electrics (IndustrialControl)
shipbuilding Electrical (instrumentation and control)
Electric power system

Number of contributions in the ICG 2022 exam: –

In 2022, the number of different posts by different caste will be available for the mechanical and sailor posts in the Indian Coast Guard.

post OBC EWS UR (GEN) SC ST total
Navik (general duty) 72 28 112 37 11th 260
Custom (domestic branch) 09 02 12th 05 07 35
Mechanically 02 01 04 00 05 13th
Mechanical electrical) 02 00 06 01 00 09
Mechanical (electronics) 01 00 03 01 00 05

Indian Coast Guard Examination Pattern 2022

The pattern of the annual Indian Coast Guard exam is almost the same. The following table provides information about the course of the exam and the minimum number of points for the written exam on Sailor and Yantrik.

Sr. post Written test PassingMarks Remarks
Navi (DB) Sec. I. 30 (UR / EWS / OBC)
27 (for SC / ST)
Custom (GD) Sec. (I + II) 30 + 20 = 50 (UR / EWS / OBC) 27 + 17 = 44 (SC / ST) Handover in sec. I and II is mandatory
Mechanical electrical) Sec. (I + III) 30 + 20 = 50 (UR / EWS / OBC) 27 + 17 = 44 (SC / ST) Handover in sec. I and II is mandatory
Mechanical (electronics) Sec. (I + IV) 30 + 20 = 50 (UR / EWS / OBC) 27 + 17 = 44 (SC / ST) Handover in sec. I and II is mandatory
Mechanically Sec. (I + V) 30 + 20 = 50 (UR / EWS / OBC) 27 + 17 = 44 (SC / ST) Handover in sec. I and II is mandatory
Sr. Name of the exam Exam details Subject-specific assignment of the questions PassingMarks curriculum
Sec. I MM-60
Time – 45 minutes. General question – 60
Mathematics – 20 Natural Sciences – 10 English – 15 Reason – 10 GK– 5 30 (UR / EWS / OBC category) 27 (SC / category) grade 10that curriculum
Sec. Yl MM-50
Time – 30 minutes. General question – 50
Math-25 physics-25 20 (UR / EWS / OBC category) 17 (SC / category) Class12that Mathematics and Physics curriculum
Sec. III MM-50
Time – 30 minutes. General question – 50
Electrical engineering-50 20 (UR / EWS / OBC category)
17 (SC / category)
Electrical engineering curriculum at diploma level
Section IV MM-50
Time – 30 minutes. General question – 50
Electronics Engineering-50 20 (UR / EWS / OBC category) 17 (SC / category) Electrical engineering curriculum at diploma level
Sec. V MM-50
Time – 30 minutes. General question – 50
Mechanical engineering – 50 20 (UR / EWS / OBC category) 17 (SC / category) Mechanical engineering curriculum at diploma level

You can see the maximum score and times for each section in the table below. In order to qualify for the written examination in engineering and seafaring professions, a candidate must pass 5 partial exams. But the candidates who are only applying for the position of sailor only need to go through Sections 1 and 2. In the table created, you can see which section requires which level of the curriculum.

Indian Coast Guard Curriculum 2022 – Yantrik

The candidate who wishes to prepare for the Mechanical Posts in the Indian Coast Guard must understand the Mechanical Posts curriculum. In the table below we give you the entire exam syllabus from Sector 1 to Section 5. This syllabus is useful for the Mechanical Posts of Indian Coastal God 2022.

Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Examination Curriculum 2022 – Yantrik
General knowledge argumentation English fitness
Abbreviations, Authors, Awards, Capitals, Common Names of Championships, Indian Culture, Current Events, Defense Discoveries, Diseases and Nutrition, Freedom Movement, Full Forms, Cultural Heritage and Art, History, Important National Fact, Monuments, Mountains, Neighbors, Number of Players in Sports, Ports, religion, rivers, soil, wars, winners Alphabet, series, consanguinity, clocks & calendars, coding & decoding, embedded figures, figure analogy, mathematical reasoning, series of numbers, puzzles, similarities & differences, statements & arguments Active and passive voice, adverb, antonyms, articles, understanding, direct or indirect speech, filling in gaps, grammar, idioms and idioms, sentence rearrangement, synonyms, tenses, sentence conversion, verb, vocabulary. Areas, averages, boats and flows, compound interest, measurement, mixtures and assertions, numbers and ages, percentages, permutations and combinations, probability, problems with LCM and HCF, problems with numbers, problems with trains, profit and loss, quadratic equations, races and games, ratio and proportion, simple equations, simple interest, simplification and approximation, time and distance, time and work partnership, volume.

The candidates have completed a diploma in electrical engineering and are preparing for an electrical position. In addition to Section 1 and Section 2, they all prepare the electrical engineering curriculum listed below.

Electrical engineering curriculum for Yantrik

  • Analysis of dist. Transformer
  • Parameters of the distribution HT / LT line
  • Distribution network installation and load studies
  • Electrical Energy and Other Current Energy Sector Scenario in India
  • Engineering topics
  • Functions of capacitors and functions of reactors
  • Low voltage restrictions and resolution
  • Design and testing of LT switchgear
  • Measurement of electrical power
  • Measuring devices and tests
  • Non-conventional energy sources
  • Implementation of the line fault analysis.
  • Energy Technology
  • Switching devices and protection (MC / LV)

Candidates have a degree in mechanical engineering and preparation for a mechanical position. In addition to Section 1 and Section 2, they all prepare the mechanical engineering curriculum listed below.

Mechanical engineering curriculum for Yantrik

  • Computer integrated manufacturing design
  • Energy saving
  • Construction materials
  • Technical mechanics
  • Turbo machines
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Heat transfer
  • Industrial security
  • Inventory control
  • Inventory control
  • Machine design
  • Machining and machine tool operation
  • Machining and machine tool operation
  • Management information system
  • Metal casting
  • Meteorology & Inspection
  • Corporate research
  • Product design & development
  • Production planning & control
  • The strength of materials
  • Theory of machines
  • thermodynamics

Electronics and telecommunications engineering curriculum for Yantrik

Candidates have degrees in electronics and telecommunications and have prepared for positions in electronics and telecommunications. In addition to Section 1 and Section 2, they all prepare the electronics and telecommunications engineering curriculum listed below.

  • Advanced communication topics
  • Subjects of advanced electronics
  • Analog & digital circuits
  • Analog and digital communication systems
  • Electrotechnical basics
  • Basic electronics technology
  • Computer organization & architecture
  • Control systems
  • Electromagnetics
  • Electronic measurements and instrumentation
  • Materials science
  • Network theory

Indian Coast Guard Exam 2022 Navik Curriculum (Section-1)

As mentioned above, those candidates who wish to join the Indian Coast Guard for seafaring posts only. Only one and section 2 curriculum applies to students. The following table lists the main topics for all subjects in Section 1. You can prepare for these exams by purchasing a suitable book.

mathematics English General science argumentation General awareness
Algebraic identities, basic trigonometry, linear equations and polynomials, mathematical simplification, ratio and proportion, simple measurement, simultaneous equations. Antonyms & synonyms, active to passive and vice versa, direct to indirect and vice versa, connections & prepositions, sentence correction, passage, phrasal verbs & expressions, preposition, punctuation marks, use of adjectives, use of pronouns verbs or tense or non-finite Atomic structure, carbon and its compounds, electricity and its application measurements in science, nature of matter, sound and wave motion, universe (planets or earth or satellites or sun) Coding and Decoding, Numerical Thinking, Sequence and Spelling, Spatial Thinking Abbreviations, Appointments and Resignations, Awards and Honors, Book and Authors, Business and Economics, Capital and Currency, News, Defense, Geography, Government Programs and Policies, History, International Affairs, National Affairs, National Parks, Obituaries, Sports, Wildlife Sanctuaries.

ICG Guard 2022 Navik Curriculum (Section-2)

The following table lists the important topics for all subjects in Section 2. You can prepare for these exams by purchasing a suitable book.

mathematics physics
Applications of integrals, complex numbers & quadratic equations, continuity & differential, differential equations, geometry, inverse trigonometric functions, limits & derivatives, linear equations & polynomials, linear programming, matrices & determinants, measures of central tendency, principle of mathematical induction, relationships & Functions, Sequence & Row, Simple Measurement, Statistics, Algebraic Identities, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Vectors Alternating current and direct current, atoms and nuclei, electronic devices, electrostatics, energy, kinematics, magnetic effects, Newton’s law of motion, optics, the physical world and measurement, thermodynamics, waves.

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Here everything revolves around the Indian Coast Guard Examination Syllabus 2022: Download detailed sections for Navik (DB & GD) / Yantrik articles PDF. If you want to serve the nation and take the defense exam, you can attend the Major Kalshi Classes. Here we have experienced lecturers for all subjects. For further inquiries you can call us at 9696220022 and 9696330033 or visit our official website Thanks very much


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