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Many Indian citizens aspire to work for the government and the railroad is the best alternative for unemployed academics. Indian Railways is divided into 21 zones due to its geographic location. Nowadays everyone wants stable work with flexible working hours. Many candidates who want to successfully pass this demanding exam take part in coaching programs and require reliable study materials. For this reason we inform about in this blog Books on Indian railways for the preparation for the railway examination and guidelines for the examination study. Because of the large number of students applying for railroad exams, these exams have become very competitive. Therefore, students should study hard for these tests.

Indian Railways books

In order to fully prepare for the Indian railroad exams, one must have a variety of reference materials on hand. These books will help applicants focus more on the topic at hand, which will lead to higher exam scores. You will find reference works in sections below:

Indian Railways books for the basics of computers and application

Computer and application fundamentals books Author / publication
Goal computer science & information technology GK Mithal
JE CBT I & II – Computer Science and Information Technology GKP

Indian Railways Logical Thinking Books

Logical thinking books Author / publication
General intelligence and test of thinking Vikas Publishing House
General intelligence and reasoning Lucent
New approach to verbal, non-verbal and analytical reasoning BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali
A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal thinking RS Aggarwal
Reasoning test Edgar Thorpe
Analytical thinking MK Pandey

Indian Railways books on math

Books for math Author / publication
Basic math and pre-algebra for beginners Mark Zegarelli
Advanced math Rakesh Yadav
Magic books on faster math M Tyra
NCERT Math from Grade 6 to Grade 11
Fast lane Rajesh Verma
Quantitative suitability RS Aggarwal

Indian Railways general awareness books

General awareness books
Pratiyogita Darpan
NCERT books – Class X, XII
Arihant general knowledge
Manorama yearbook
Lucent’s general knowledge

Preparation of the Indian railways

Due to the opportunity to work at one of the most prestigious government institutions, the railroad exams are among the most sought-after exams in the country. The first step in developing the best prep strategy is to gain a thorough understanding of the material and the test format. Avoiding negative marks is another element that should be considered when developing an approach to preparing for a railroad exam. Of course, it is an advantage to start your studies from the very beginning.

Computer and application basics

The computer realm can be a difficult field for the inexperienced, but excellent books can make such a method accessible. The basics of computer and application technology are among the subjects in which applicants have to constantly check their knowledge. At the same time, it is ensured that their practical knowledge is sufficient to pass the exam. Candidates must regularly review their level of preparation. Therefore, they should take part in free online quizzes on a regular basis.


  • Video Lessons, Text Lessons & Notes
  • Topic tests on all topics with detailed solutions
  • Partial exams for QA, DI, EL, LR
  • All Indian performance analysis mock tests and all Indian percentiles
  • General knowledge (GK) tests

Free videos, free test tests and free GK tests to evaluate the course content before registering!

General science

Applicants should understand the core science concepts from 10th grade. Studying NCERT books during your preparatory phase will help you improve your subject matter knowledge as most of the questions come from the 10th and 12th grade curriculum.

Applicants should have a thorough understanding of the basic principles of all three sciences, namely physics, chemistry, and life sciences, for general scientific preparation. The right approach to learning about the basics of all three science areas is to go through the NCERT Notes.

General intelligence and reasoning

General intelligence and reasoning may be a difficult subject to master, but it’s one of those subjects where you have a good chance of getting the highest score possible. The following pointers can help you prepare for the General Intelligence and reasoning section of the exam:

  • Applicants need to separate their weak and strong parts if they understand the subject well.
  • A strategy must be developed to prepare for the weak points.
  • The mock tests should be done regularly to gain a deep understanding of the general intelligence and reasoning test pattern.
  • To help you prepare for the conclusion parts, visit the Logical Thinking page to learn more topics on basic concepts with in-depth explanations and practice questions.

General awareness

Applicants will have moderate difficulty in this area. It’s also the segment where they can get the highest score if they keep up with the daily news and breaking events. Candidates can use the links below to prepare for daily current events. To pass the General Awareness section easily, candidates should remember the following techniques and tricks:

  • Reading the newspaper and watching the news every day is an important habit.
  • Candidates should keep abreast of national and international developments, with a special focus on national issues.
  • About 1-2 test tests have to be completed every day.
  • Applicants also need to keep up to date with a variety of static GK topics relevant to the exam.


Even if it seems like it, preparing for the math section is not difficult. Applicants crack this section with good grades if they dedicate at least 3-4 hours a day to it. Candidates will benefit from the following math tips and tactics:

  • Higher mathematical disciplines are not required of the candidates. It is enough to prepare up to the 12th standard.
  • Candidates must practice at least 3-4 hours per day and no topic should be left out during these sessions.
  • All formulas and links must be easily accessible to the candidates.
  • More emphasis should be placed on difficult topics and less time should be devoted to the more manageable areas.


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Is there a significant difference between previous and new versions of Indian railroad books?

Yes, books are edited to ensure they contain the most up-to-date information. If you have an older version, you can look up the changes and updates on Google.

What is the Most Effective Indian Railway Exam Preparation Strategy?

Problem solving is the most effective way to prepare for the exam. Mock testing and previous work can help with this.

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