JDU active during Corona; Preparation for campaign for party; Bihar Bhaskar Latest News | JDU will advance the corona screening and vaccination campaign, will work by forming the JDU Kovid Task Force

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Umesh Kushwaha, President of the JDU.

JDU country president Umesh Singh Kushwaha held a virtual meeting with the party’s district chairmen and discussed the government’s guidelines on corona awareness and the strength of the organization. It was decided to set up a Kovid-19 task force to protect the population of the state from the risk of corona infection. It was also decided to publish a list of doctors close to the party for the benefit of the population. By making arrangements for medical advice to those in need. President Umesh Singh Kushwaha said in a virtual address to the district presidents that the government’s education campaign regarding the corona infection is necessary to cooperate with party comrades in this campaign, only then will we all work together to fight against corona. will successfully defeat Party colleagues will also cooperate in the covid-19 investigation and vaccination campaign. The strength and expansion of the organization were also discussed.

Umesh Kushwaha said the education campaign will be carried out by the government through a virtual medium or telephone while protecting itself. cooperate in this. Anyone in need will receive every possible help from the Party. Prime Minister Nitish Kumar himself is aware of this and continuously monitors so that aid can be provided to the people in the state. Hence, the Chief Minister’s campaign was decided to bring this campaign to the people and benefit them.

At the same time the strength and expansion of the organization was discussed during this meeting and it was said that it was necessary to work according to the party’s strategy. In the past it has been said by the party that 10-10 dedicated workers from each village in the state should be connected in order to connect the party with the people. It was important to continue this campaign and connect the committed workers to the party at the earliest, as the corona transition is currently underway. Therefore, the session was held on behalf of the party through virtual media and it was also said that the round of sessions would continue through virtual media so that both the party’s campaign and the government’s development program could be highlighted and that of aim is to be in to be able to do better in the elections of 2024 Lok Sabha and 2025 Vidhan Sabha in the coming period so that this goal can be achieved successfully.

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