jee main 2022 Preparation: JEE Main 2022: How do I prepare for the exam in the coming days? – Jee Main 2022 prep tips and strategies to follow

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  • The exam is held in four stages
  • Preparations can be made according to the curriculum
  • What to learn first

In the last week of February, the first session of the JEE main examination, an engineering entrance examination, takes place. Millions of students appear for the exams. JEE Main is an entrance exam for the best engineering schools in the country. Higher ranks can only be reached through systematic study. How do you plan to prepare for the main JEE exam in the coming days? (Jee Main 2022 preparation)

Curriculum first
The JEE Main 2022 exam syllabus should be well understood first. The course can be planned accordingly. The next step is to find easy and difficult topics. Accordingly, decide how much time should be planned for all three subjects per day.

Time schedule
An excellent schedule can be created for preparing for the JEE main exam. The timetable should be based on the structure of the exam. It is enough to answer 75 out of 90 questions. The exam takes 3 hours. Each topic has 20 multiple choice questions and 10 numeric questions. It is enough to answer five out of ten numerical questions.

Less than two months
The first session of the JEE main exam is less than two months away. So the preparations have to be completed. Learn and complete key topics. This will help you do last minute revisions with no stress.

Small notes
Taking notes is one of the most important aspects of preparing for the JEE Main. Make flashcards and brochures. Such notes will help you never forget the important formulas. How helpful are these in the final round of exams? It can also save time.

Sample questionnaires
It’s not just about learning the subjects of the curriculum. You can also try to work out the sample JEE main exam questionnaires as best you can. This will help you to assess your exam preparation yourself. Understand how long it takes to find the answer to every question on every topic. Developing the questionnaires will help you better assess the time management component of the exam. As you create more questionnaires, you can better understand which areas require more attention.

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Simulated test
There are many test tests for the main JEE exam. Leading coaching institutes conduct trial tests. Students should try to take at least one sample test per day. This will help you write without fear of a real exam.

No selection test can be passed without repetition. Students should find time to review the parts they have learned. The makeover paves the way for each top to sink deeper. A revision should take place at regular intervals.


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