JEE Main 2022: These are the most important tips for taking the JEE Main exam

The exam date for JEE Main (JEE Mains 2022) is approaching. The first session of this exam takes place in the last week of February, when many candidates test their skills. This exam for admission to the best engineering institutes in the country is considered to be one of the toughest entrance exams in the country. If you are also preparing for this exam, then we will give you all the information and tips for planning your preparation for JEE Mains.

JEE main preparation tips

Make a plan by understanding the curriculum

To prepare for JEE Main, students need to create an effective plan and the exam curriculum will help with this. First, understand the curriculum and do your preparation planning taking into account the easy and difficult topics. Based on your skill level and speed, create a daily prep plan that covers all three topics. Also, follow this regularly.

make a better schedule

It is very important to have the correct schedule in preparation for this exam. Make the schedule taking into account your exam template. In this exam, candidates must answer 75 out of 90 questions. The duration of each work is 3 hours. Each subject has 20 MCQs and 10 numerical questions, 5 of which must be answered. In MCQs, 4 points are awarded for each correct answer and 1 point is deducted for each incorrect answer. In the case of numerical questions, 4 points are awarded for the correct answer and there is no negative evaluation in this section.

complete the current topic

There are now less than two months left to try this exam for the first time. So you have to fully focus on the preparation. Now is the time to take the key topics of this exam. Then start the second topic. This method will prove to be an important aspect for you later, because the candidates do not have to put in a lot of effort during the last phase of the JEE Main preparation.

Create flashcards

It is very important to take brief notes in preparation for this exam. The aim of creating flashcards and sticky notes is to save as much time as possible if the main exam still lasts a week. These will allow candidates to quickly go through those brief notes and flash notes and revise other important points.

Practice sample papers

Continuously complete sample and questionnaires to prepare for the JEE Mains exam. The aim of solving the JEE main question paper is to enable the candidates to know their level of preparation. This allows candidates to find out how much time it will take to solve each question in each subject. Also, whether or not they are able to divide their time correctly, that also comes up to them. The more they solve the questions, the more they know in which areas they have to work more so that there are no difficulties on the day of the exam. You can improve their performance by eliminating their shortcomings.

Give sample tests often

Now mock testing has become very important for all exams. It gives us a real exam feeling before the exam. As you prepare for JEE Main, try doing a mock test daily. This means that the candidates are not subjected to any pressure on the day of the JEE main entrance exam.

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necessarily revise

The revision is very important for all exams. Without it, you will not be able to pass the exam. Therefore, candidates must revise what they have read in good time. This helps a lot in memorizing the subject. Revise the topic you are reading every week. This will help you remember.


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