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The Joint Entrance Examination Main (JEE Main) is held at the national level for admission to various Bachelor programs in Architecture and Engineering. This entrance exam also serves as a practice test for JEE Advanced, the final exam required for admission to an IIT. Due to the wide range of these entrance exams, thousands of students apply each year for the few available places at renowned engineering and architecture universities.

Preparing for a test like JEE Main takes dedication, perseverance and the right strategy. JEE Main is hands down one of the most difficult entrance exams for engineers and students must have a study strategy in place to be successful. A good JEE major curriculum includes an overall approach to passing the exam, the best study materials, high quality test tests, previous year’s JEE major exams, and a curriculum.

It is important that you keep up to date with other important parts of the exam, such as: JEE main eligibility criteria, Exam papers and so on, in addition to dedicated exam preparation.

The National Testing Agency (NTA), the JEE’s new lead agency, has made some important revisions to the eligibility criteria for the test. They pretty much said exactly what they wanted on the list. Read on to learn more about the eligibility requirements.

Start preparing for JEE Main 2022 ASAP to ensure success.

The majority of students begin the JEE major in Grade 11, but when a student commits to pass the exam, it is never too late. According to experts, candidates for the main JEE exam should start studying as soon as possible. Preparing for board exams, for example, is an excellent exercise. This will give the aspirant an edge over his competition and he will be able to understand things more easily in school. However, many applicants pass the exam after just a few months of study. Hence, it also depends on the candidate’s skills, determination and preparation.

JEE main preparation tips.

In this section, we’ll cover some key JEE prep tactics to help you study more effectively and prepare for the exam well.

  1. Read the right books

You should get hold of the really valuable books and add them to your preparation. Many people prefer NCERT texts, but there are other good publications that you can turn to for a thorough understanding of various concepts and topics.

  1. Understand the JEE main exam pattern:

This is one of the first and most important tasks that you should do before your final exam. You should become familiar with the exam format during your JEE Main preparation, understand it well, and plan accordingly to achieve your desired score.

  1. Understand the curriculum

It is wrong to completely ignore the curriculum. There are numerous benefits to knowing the core JEE curriculum. By getting a thorough overview of the curriculum, you can get important insights and information about important chapters and topics to focus on, the intentions of the authors and questioners, and a variety of other useful details.

  1. Try completing previous JEE main exam questions.

During their JEE Main preparation, students should also study model questions, even if they are sample work or work from the previous year. You will gradually become familiar with the question format, types of questions, test duration, and scoring scheme as you continue to study the questionnaires.

  1. One after the other, subject by subject JEE Mains Preparation Strategy

The three areas of the JEE main question paper are physics, chemistry and mathematics. Since all three topics are equally important, aspirants should ensure that they cover the curriculum for all three.

JEE main prep tips by topic

During the subject-specific preparation, we recommend that you devote sufficient time and attention to the three subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Mathematics is one of those subjects that requires both theoretical and problem-solving skills. Both skills are required. Before applying the theory to any specific problem, make sure you have a good understanding of it. Practicing arithmetic is the only way to master it and improve your math skills.

The math curriculum for the JEE major, advanced, and board exams also varies. Hence, it will be extremely difficult for aspirants to cope with the issue as a whole. To overcome this barrier, applicants need to plan carefully and focus on the topics that will be assessed best.

  • Tips for JEE Master Prep Physics

The basics of physics are logic and concepts. Sometimes the topic can get more challenging, especially as the questions get more conceptual. Many JEE Main aspirants loathe the subject, and the majority of them are quick to give up physics. For the same reason, it is important to know the level of difficulty and the weighting of certain topics.

Chemistry is a topic that most JEE hopefuls avoid because it takes a lot of memorization. Most chemical terms, on the other hand, are fairly obvious and meaningful when researched carefully. The three sub-areas of chemistry are physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Chemical questions require a combination of analytical and memory skills. For example, physical chemistry questions are entirely analytical, inorganic chemistry questions must be memorized, and organic chemistry questions are sometimes a mixture of both.

Tips & tricks for the main JEE preparation

Expert advice and tips are very useful during the preparation process. It will help simplify the preparation process and achieve the goal more efficiently.

Check out the following tips and strategies for major JEE preparation.

  • Make a short list of the most important formulas and topics. Use these sticky notes to help you revise.
  • Study regularly and stick to the schedule.
  • Review the concepts you learned daily.
  • Take chapter-by-chapter test tests when each chapter is finished and full test tests after the entire curriculum has been completed.
  • Make time management a habit. It is important that you make the most of the three hours you have in the exam room.

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