JKPSC KAS 2021 exam: 10 important tips to crack the exam

The Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) will conduct the main audit of the Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) 2021 on February 14, 2021. Candidates who have successfully passed the pre-examination are now entitled to take the main examination.

In view of the upcoming exam date, it is essential to intensify the preparation for the exam. So here are ten tips and tricks to help aspirants prepare for it.

– Writing answers is a very important part of the main exam as candidates have to write essays for eight papers. Toppers have suggested not following the NCERT response writing format as it adheres to upper secondary education. Instead, candidates need to practice writing clear, crisp, and crystal clear answers.

– For work that requires a little technical and factual knowledge, such as B. Geography, the candidate should try to provide as much data as possible to support their answers. In the case of geography, they can have a map, flowchart, etc. on each individual page. It is recommended that you also practice explaining a specific concept using a flowchart.

– In addition, one should keep the ideal writing style of an essay, ie include introduction, main part and essay. But try to put maximal charts, graphs, flowcharts, etc. in the body itself.

– In addition, the conclusion of the essays should be related to the question asked. For example, if it is about ecology, the conclusion must be relevant to that. It is always advisable to end an answer optimistically and to refrain from over-criticism.

– As mentioned above, toppers recommended not to directly criticize any particular answer. Rather, it should be of a constructive nature. In short, one should try to add a solution to the criticism. The important thing is that the solution should be pragmatic, optimistic and never vengeful.

– In the sixth tip, candidates should note that according to the JKPSC KAS curriculum 2021, the total time for taking the main exam is 03 hours. Hence, from now on one should practice doing this within the given time limit. This will help prepare the mind for the actual exam.

History should have a strong conceptual framework. This improves the quality of the answers and makes for rich content.

– Answers that include real world applications and case studies are likely to score higher, according to Toppern. Candidates should also practice writing answers that are easy to understand.

– While studying for work like IR, it is important to master the basics of world history. It is also recommended to practice writing answers that are relevant from an Indian perspective.

– Finally, at this point it becomes very important to discuss things. It is recommended that you speak to seniors, parents, elders, etc., as they can sometimes provide important insights on a particular topic or concept.

After the main exam, a merit list is issued by the JKPSC. Candidates who are to qualify must appear in the third stage of the selection process, the round of introductions. Following the round of interviews, the commission publishes the JKPSC KAS results soon. The date for this will be announced later by the management on the official website.


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