Know how Ved Vineet was rated at the 99.4 percentile

Shiksha had an exclusive interview with Ved Vineet, CAT 2021 topper. Read the interview to learn how he hit the 99.4 percentile in the CAT 2021.

Surname: At the Vineet

Overall CAT Percentile: 99.4

Cut percentiles:

  • VARC: 98.11
  • DILR: 97.03
  • Amount: 98.9

Ved Vineet, a graduate of the IIT BHU, was able to reach the 99.4 percentile in the CAT 2021. He has a BTech degree in Metallurgical Engineering. After his death in 2020, he worked as Operations Manager at Tata Steels. While preparing for the CAT exam, he found his weak point in the DILR, but reached 97.03 percentiles in the section. Shiksha was able to speak to the CAT 2021 topper. See what he had to say about the CAT 2021 score, his prep strategy, and more in the article below.

Q. Was this your first attempt at CAT? Did you expect to score that well?

A. This was my second attempt at CAT. On my last try, I got 99.33 points. I expected that I would do better this time.

Q. Can you tell us about your preparation strategy?

A. The most important thing for solid work preparation is regularity and perseverance. You need to be very regular with your practice and do mocks on a regular basis. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses through a thorough analysis of the mock tests is very important.

Q. What was your strategy for exam day?

A. You need to stop yourself from thinking about the CAT results and believing in the hard work you have done.

Q. What were your weaknesses and what did you do to improve them?

A. My weakest area during preparation was data interpretation and reasoning. I’ve made it a habit to solve at least 2 DILR sets in the last three months before the exam.

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Q. Is it important to join a CAT preparation coaching institute?

A. No, it is not at all important to join a CAT preparation coaching institute. All you have to do is prepare in a disciplined manner.

Q. What books have you studied to prepare for CAT?

A. For quantitative skills, I learned from Arun Sharma’s Quant book. While preparing for DILR, I referred to Nishit Sinha’s DILR book.

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Q. Has COVID-19 affected your preparation / performance?

A. With the second wave stabilizing during the prep, COVID-19 didn’t seem threatening during the prep.

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Q. How much time did you devote to CAT preparation?

A. In addition to CAT preparation, I have limited time on weekdays. I spent two hours every day of the week. Had to stretch on the weekends though; So 4-5 hours of preparation on the weekends helped me to score well. With this schedule I was able to prepare in four months

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Q. What is your plan after your MBA?

A. I already work in the lower management level, so I am aware of the associated restrictions. My plan is to deepen my management knowledge and skills through formal studies and move up to the upper management levels.

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Q. Which MBA colleges do you expect admission interviews from?

A: With a 99.4 percentile, I expect admissions calls from the following colleges:

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Q. Any tips for future CAT contenders?

A. Just believe in yourself and keep the flame alive within you. Only you know how much effort it will take to pass the exam. Be true to yourself and work hard.

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