Know how Vibhor scored 99.06 percentile

Vibhor Jain scored a 99.06 percentile to become a CAT 2021 topper. Watch CAT 2021’s Topper interview here as he mentions his preparation strategy.

CAT 2021 result

Overall percentile: 99.06

Section Percentile:

  • VARC – 67.15 percentile
  • DILR – 99.99 percentile
  • QA – 97.71 percentile

Vibhor Jain surpassed CAT 2021 with 99.06 percentile. This was his first attempt at the management entrance exam. He is currently in his final year of graduation from Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College. He will graduate in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) degree with a concentration in mathematics. In addition, Vibhor is also taking a course in actuarial science to increase his knowledge in the field. His hobbies include playing cricket. Shiksha got in touch with Vibhor Jain, CAT 2021 topper to get an idea of ​​his prep strategy and recommended books for a top notch CAT prep. Read the full interview below.

Q: Congratulations! Are you satisfied with your CAT result? How many points did you expect?

A: I am satisfied with the CAT results. But I think I could have done better, especially in the VARC section. Only if I had dedicated some of the time I invested in Quant during my prep journey to VARC would I have scored a bit more here as well. However, based on my post-exam performance, I was expecting an overall percentile of around 99.3-99.4 percentile

Q: Was this your first attempt at CAT?

A: Yes, this was my first attempt at the CAT exam.

Q: When did you start preparing for the CAT exam? What was your general preparation strategy?

A: I started my preparation in April 2021. I had set goals for each day that included multiple topics from a section or a set of questions, and sometimes both. Also, I made mocks regularly to keep track of the mistakes I made and fix them.

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Q: Please tell us your sectional strategy.

A: My preparation strategy for each section was as follows:

VARC: I could sum up the VARC preparation strategy in two words: “Read on”. A reading habit is very important for an exam like CAT, the type of passages that appear can be from any genre and the language is quite difficult to understand unless you have good reading skills. For verbal ability, I used to practice questions from the study material I had.

DILR: I practiced at least four sets every day during my preparation trip. This allowed me to cover almost every type of set and question that could come up in CAT. This helped me equip multiple approaches that I could use on a given set. It also helps you identify the difficulty level of sets so you can choose accordingly i.e. which set needs to be solved first.

Quality control: This section is all about practice, first I identified my strengths and weaknesses. I intended to devote extra effort and time to my weak areas, although I never neglected my strong areas and continued to work on them.

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Q: What books did you refer to for CAT preparation?

A: I wasn’t referring to any book. I was enrolled in a coaching institute. The entire study material was made available by the Coaching Institute.

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Q: How many mock tests have you attempted and how important is a set of mock tests?

A: I tried more than 60 mocks during my CAT prep journey. Mocks are like practice games that are played before the actual game. You will learn the areas where you have deficiencies, be it time management or the type of mistakes you make on the exam, and this will help you not to make the same mistakes on your CAT exam. Sitting in front of a computer screen for two hours straight and concentrating while dealing with the pressure of exams is no easy task. Mocks help you get used to it and perform well.

Q: Have you joined a coaching institute? How does the coaching institute help with CAT preparation?

A: Yes, I had enrolled in a coaching institute. Coaching makes your preparation much leaner. You will receive adequate guidance throughout your preparation journey. You will get to know the different question patterns and can practice in a more targeted way. In my experience it has turned out to be very useful.

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Q: What was your strategy for exam day?

A: I start the night before my exam, sleeping well is really important to stay awake during the CAT exam. I planned to sleep at least eight hours the night before the exam to have a calm and relaxed mind during the exam. I also avoided last minute changes.

During the exam, I chose the questions that were difficult for me. I left the time-consuming questions and the questions I had my doubts about for last, and tried the easier questions first.

Q: What IIMs/Institutes are you targeting?

A: I plan to convert admission requests from the following institutes:

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Q: Any tips for future CAT contenders?

A: I think CAT candidates need to understand two key features of the exam.

First, it’s a more personalized experience. So you need to make sure you get specific advice and strategy from your mentors, as opposed to general ideas. By addressing your strengths, you simply make your goal more achievable.

Second, the preparation is a marathon, not a sprint. In my opinion, habits are the most powerful tool you can have. To that end, I highly recommend keeping a prep tracker (excel/handwritten) and delineating some items like 3-4 RCs, 3-4 DILR sets, 1-2 long articles, etc. as things to get done every day need to practice with others. If you do this sincerely, your test day will show you compound benefits and you could do even better than either ticket.

Finally, not exactly a tip – I want to reassure all non-STEM aspirants that you have nothing to worry about. If you plan well and are passionate about your study routines, no one can stop you from coming out on top in this otherwise STEM-dominated exam.

CAT 2021 Topper Interview

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