Last minute preparation tips for the CTET exam

CTET, or Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is a national level exam conducted in India by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is carried out to determine the suitability of candidates for appointment as teachers. CTET takes place twice a year and is aimed at teachers who want to teach from grades 1-8. The two types of CTET exams include Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is given by candidates planning to teach in Grades 1-5. Candidates who want to teach from grades 5-8 appear for Paper 2. The examination mode for the CTET is offline and lasts 150 minutes. Languages ​​used in the test are English and Hindi. CTET is carried out in over 112 cities across India. The admission card for the exam will be released approximately three weeks before the exam date. Here are some last minute CTET exam preparation tips, read more.

3 Best Last Minute CTET Exam Preparation Tips

1- Have in-depth knowledge of the curriculum

Since you are in the middle of your refresher session, you should have a good understanding of the CTET exam schedule for the category you have chosen. You may have already covered most of the material and ready to go over it again as you make the revision. Concentrate on exam-relevant data such as exam dates, exam location and, above all, which topics are the most important. Up-to-date information on the grading scheme will help you understand what to focus on and which topics will take the most of your time. This clarity during exam time will help you take the next step more effectively.

2- Have a fixed learning routine

You need to have a well-defined and solid study plan in order to crack the CTET exam. Doing this is one of the most important review ideas for competitive exams. This method will give you an idea of ​​how to prepare for the test in good time while completing your daily tasks. At the end of the review session, you will know which topics you know and which ones need additional practice. However, during the revision period, it is important to abandon your regular schedule and create a new one devoted solely to revising. This schedule needs to be planned so that you have enough time to carry out your usual activities, take sample tests, and solve previous work, as well as time to review the contents.

3- Revise at a glance

Most applicants may have key points written separately or highlighted in their own resources during their preparation. Reviewing these resources during revision time will help you remember the subject. Don’t worry if you didn’t take notes during your preparation. In addition to your regular review of total expenses, be sure to check out the summary points available as they will make your task easier and more effective.

The tips above will not only help students prepare for the CTET exam, but will also help them get good grades on the CTET exam. Discover a large selection of articles on various teaching exams such as NET, HTET, APTET, etc.

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