Last-minute preparation tips for TISSNET 2022

TISSNET 2022 takes place on February 26th. Here are a few last minute preparation tips for TISSNET candidates to pass the exam.

TISSNET 2022 is slated to run in more than 100 exam centers in 39 cities across India on February 26, 2022. With only a few days left for the TISSNET 2022 exam, we can safely assume that candidates have completed the TISSNET curriculum and are focused on retake and test tests. It is just as important not to get bogged down in the exam pressure and to be sure of the preparation. Here we share the last minute preparation tips for TISSNET 2022.

TISSNET 2022: Last Minute Preparation Tips

It is not advisable to prepare for an exam if you get stuck on the day of the exam. Much depends on your mood on the day of the exam. One mistake can cost you dearly. So keep these last minute prep tips in mind for TISSNET 2022.

Correctly understand the exam pattern and structure

The key to getting a good score on any exam is to have a good understanding of the assignment paper. The TISSNET questionnaire differs slightly from that of other MBA entrance exams. Therefore, the approach to this exam is different. The following table contains the TISSNET exam structure.


Questions per section

Overall grades

General awareness

40 MCQs


English proficiency

30 MCQs


Math skills and reasoning

30 MCQs



100 MCQs


Here we share tips in sections according to the TISSNET exam pattern:

  1. Math skills and reasoning: This section in particular is concept-driven and requires sharp numeracy skills. Important topics in this section include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurement, probability, advanced mathematics for mathematics and consanguinity, Venn diagram, arrangements, puzzles, coding-decoding, etc. In the last few days candidates should revise all formulas one day before the exam.
  2. Oral ability: To get a good score in verbal skills from TISSNET, candidates should be familiar with reading comprehension, word analogies, antonyms synonym, error detection, parajumbles and sentence correction. Test takers should review grammar rules, vocabulary, and idioms and idioms in the final days prior to the exam.
  3. GK revision: The “General Awareness” section has the maximum weight in the TISSNET exam. Candidates who consume the news regularly have an advantage over others in current affairs. In particular, a large part of the questions in this section are asked by static GK, so candidates should understand the details of major movements, committees, famous authors, India’s GDP, famous dances, festivals, judgments, discoveries, etc.

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Focus on speed and accuracy
The duration of TISSNET is one hour and 40 minutes. As there is no negative evaluation, it is recommended that candidates answer as many questions as possible within the given timeframe. If a candidate wants to achieve great results in TISSNET, they need to make sure that they answer the questions accurately. Only the correct answers will be graded and no points will be awarded for unanswered questions and incorrect answers. Hence, speed coupled with accuracy will help you get high scores. To this end, it is recommended that candidates first select the questions they are confident about and try them out. After that, they can try other questions in the remaining time to make sure they get the maximum number of points.

Focus on strong areas

With barely 10 days left for the exam, Tata Institute of Social Sciences aspirants should focus only on those areas where they have a strong position. While you should revise for the areas where you are comparatively weaker but have a clear understanding of the concepts and have completed the curriculum, it is not advisable to spend too much time on these topics. Even if it does, the revision of strong topics should not be jeopardized.

Do not start new topics

It is common for candidates to leave out certain topics that they are uncomfortable with due to a lack of conceptual clarity and understanding. You should not attempt to complete these topics at this stage. Firstly, there is not enough time to prepare again, secondly, trying to work on these topics in the last few days will only increase their anxiety, which would only affect their self-esteem before the exam day. Rather, you should focus on developing a foolproof exam strategy to get the maximum possible score.

Do sample tests

Even if the candidates have not had the opportunity to take several test tests in the last few days, they should take at least two test tests and analyze them thoroughly in order to get a clear idea of ​​the status of the preparation and smaller areas for improvement. You should also build the final exam strategy based on performance in these mock tests. Candidates should also take the trial test available on the TISS official website to familiarize themselves with the interface for performing the test.

Create an audit strategy

Based on the final test tests, candidates should finalize their testing strategy. These include the plan of topics to try, the minimum number of questions that should be tried in each section without sacrificing accuracy, the time to devote to each section and each question, and the order of the sections, to name but a few to call. Having an appropriate exam strategy will save test takers a lot of time and unjustified fear.

Keep calm, stay confident
During this final stage before the test, candidates should remain calm and collected. They shouldn’t endure excessive stress that would affect their level of confidence. Instead of tensing up about their performance in TISSNET, the candidates should get enough rest for body and mind. Instead of spending hours studying, they should take breaks from time to time and do any activities that calm and relax their mind, such as listening to music, going for a walk, etc.

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These last minute TISSNET exam tips will definitely help aspirants stay organized and focus on their goal of passing the TISSNET exam.

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