Last minute tips and tricks for cracking the ESE IES Prelims 2022 exam: ESE & GATE EC

Last minute tips for ESE IES Prelims 2022

So this is where BYJU’s Exam Prep offers very useful last minute tips that will definitely help you approach ESE 2022 Exam in the most effective way and it will help you improve your preparation in the last few minutes.

With only 1 month left for the exam, candidates work hard in the eleventh hour of the exam. Candidates preparing for the exam should check out the prep tips last minute to help pass their exam practice.

During the final section of the exam, aspirants must revise the curriculum using a technique based on the aspirants’ strengths and weaknesses. While revising for the English section, candidates are encouraged to use grammar books and carefully revise words, tenses, etc.

Candidates should revise the vocabulary from the brief notes or flashcards that they must have made beforehand. Aspirants are advised to practice the previous year’s questionnaires to understand the paper pattern and level of questions.

Aspirants are advised to take Mock tests available online. Last year’s questionnaires for the UPSC Engineering Services Exam are available online on the official website Candidates should read the newspaper daily to prepare for the general knowledge section.

To-do list before the ESE Prelims exam?

  1. Keep your attention while testing.
  2. Have confidence in your hard work and stay as relaxed as possible.
  3. Revise short notes and bookmarked questions.
  4. Keep all of your papers and stationery handy.

What shouldn’t I do before the exam?

  1. Do not use social media and mobile calling excessively.
  2. Avoid excessive discussions.
  3. Don’t read anything new.
  4. Do not try to understand something new.
  5. Stay away from things that will distract you from the exam.
  6. Don’t think about plan ‘B’ before taking the exam.
  7. Do not study on the exam day; consider the timing.
  8. If you forget to try simple questions, don’t panic, but be patient.
  9. No panic; keep your faith.

COVID-19 norms for IES 2022 prelims:

  1. Always wear the mask correctly.
  2. Keep hand sanitizer with you.
  3. Maintain proper social distance.
  4. Don’t get to the exam center too early; save yourself from the crowd.

Paper-1, General Engineer Pharmacy – 2 hours

  1. The ESE Prelims 2022 will start on February 20, 2022 at 10 a.m. To get to the exam location 1 hour ahead of time so that you have enough time to avoid any problems.
  2. Always keep calm and avoid crowded places.
  3. Don’t try to get involved in what the other person is doing. Because that will waste time and you are afraid of distracting the clock from the exam.
  4. Try to solve 100 questions in 1.30 so that you have 30 minutes to review afterwards.
  5. Don’t compromise with precision in solving any question.
  6. Make no mistake about betting early because even one mistake can prevent you from achieving your successful exam result.
  7. Try to provide just the exact answer as much as you can.

Paper-2, technology – 3 hours

  1. Forget the first half of paper 1 and focus on paper 2.
  2. Don’t think too much about what happened in paper-1. Focus on questions that are in front of you.
  3. Preferably crack the questions you are comfortable with.
  4. Try to solve all questions within 2.15 hours so that you have time to double-check the answers. Even in the time remaining, you will be able to solve those questions that you couldn’t solve before.
  5. Use the remaining 20 to 25 minutes to solve the long arithmetic problems.
  6. Do not dribble randomly on the OMR sheet.
  7. Don’t rush to give a wrong answer or you will get a negative mark that is incorrect. It can ruin your hard work.

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