Makar Sankranti 2022: 10 easy recipes to try this Sankranti at home

It is said that Makar Sankranti is the time when we begin to say goodbye to the bone cold winters. Celebrated across India, this festival is the epitome of good food that warms your body. It is actually the first festival of the year celebrated with much pomp and shows that a Magh Mela is also organized which starts on the day where several devotees bathe in the sacred river – Ganga. Astrologically, Makar Sankranti, which usually falls on January 14, is a day when the Sun will transition into or move into the sun sign Capricorn (known as Makar in Sanskrit). It is a popular Hindu festival known as Bihu in East India, Uttarayan in Gujarat and Pongal in West and South India. On this day, the sky across the country is adorned with colorful kites, and various dishes are prepared, including til ke laddoo, dahi chooda, khichdi, undhiyu, halwa, and kheer. Here are some of the easy recipes to prepare for this special occasion. (Pictures: istock)


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