Mandatory Tamil language paper draws criticism from PSC candidates in Tamil Nadu


The decision of the Tamil Nadu Civil Service Commission to include the Tamil language as a compulsory paper on exams for Group I, Group II and Group IIA government posts has met with a number of job seekers.

Countless job seekers vie with one another for a select few positions in Tamil Nadu Group I and Group II, which are considered prestigious posts in the civil service. The State Public Service Commission recently revised the curriculum for these exams and effective December 25th, all Group I, Group II and Group IIA aspirants are required to complete a Tamil language assignment.

While in Group I the candidates only have to appear in the main phase for Tamil language work, candidates for the candidates in Group II and Group IIA have to take a Tamil language test in both the pre-examination and the main examination. The exams were announced in 2019 and the TNPSC recently made a curriculum update that enraged many candidates.

Speaking to IANS, K. ​​Kirubhakaran, a computer science engineer graduate from a state engineering college in Madurai, said: “After the notification in 2019, I burned the midnight oil for this exam and learned general knowledge, aptitude and other mandatory papers, but suddenly got the PSC made certain changes to include the Tamil language, which consists mainly of Tamil literature and poetry, of which I have little or no knowledge. This came like a bolt from the blue for job seekers. “

The TNPSC made the Tamil language a compulsory subject after the State Assembly passed a resolution at its last session making a Tamil language test compulsory in order to get a job in government services.

M. Ajith, a post-graduate sociology graduate seeking a position in Group I or Group II, told IANS, “This has created a lot of problems for the candidates. Although I am fairly familiar with the Tamil language and literature, there are some friends of mine who have a technical background, are completely ignorant of the language, and believe that the PSC has betrayed them “.

The curriculum of Group I used to consist of general studies and proficiency tests for 300 marks for the preliminary examination and for the main examination there were three general studies. According to the revised scheme, the students in Group I must, as before, complete a preliminary examination consisting of a general course and aptitude assessment for 300 points. For the main examination, there are three coursework on general knowledge and a qualification paper on Tamil for 100 points, and students must achieve at least 40 points in it for other main work to be assessed.

For Group II, the preliminary examination consisted of a general education course and an aptitude test for 300 points. For the main exam, there was a work for 300 points, which consisted of translation from Tamil to English, precise writing, understanding, development of clues, essay writing on Thirukkural, and others.

The revised scheme for groups I and II consists of a preliminary examination with general studies, general Tamil or general English and an aptitude paper for 300 marks.

For the main exam, there is a specialist thesis for 300 marks and a Tamil thesis for 100 marks, which are now compulsory.

The TNPSC has indicated in a notice that the main examination papers will only be graded if the candidate passes the language test or achieves at least 40 points.

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