Meet Dhananjay Verma (99.92 percentile), who says Mocks helped him be “Bell the CAT”

CAT 2021 topper interview: Meet Dhananjay Verma, who beat the competition and hit the 99.92 percentile to rise among the 1% elite aspirants who ‘Belled the CAT’ this year. In an exclusive interview with, he shares his success mantras and strategy that helped him pass the MBA entrance exam.

CAT 2021 topper interview: Meet Dhananjay Verma, who beat the competition and hit the 99.92 percentile to rise among the 1% elite aspirants who ‘Belled the CAT’ this year. An engineering student from IIT, Dhananjay, put in an outstanding performance in the CAT 2021 results announced earlier this month. In an exclusive interview with, he shares his success mantras and strategy that helped him pass the MBA entrance exam.

Excerpts from the interview!

Question 1: Congratulations on cracking CAT 2021! What are your overall and section results in CAT 2021?

Thanks very much! My overall percentile in CAT 2021 is 99.92 and the scaled total score is 126.48. My cut percentiles are: 99.73 percentile in the Verbal Skills and Reading Comprehension section, 95.72 percentile in the Data Interpretation and Reasoning section, and 99.89 percentile in the Quantitative Skills section.

Question 2: When did you start your CAT 2021 preparation? What is the ideal time to complete the CAT curriculum before the exam?

I started my CAT 2021 preparation in May 2021. I believe students should devote 5-6 months to CAT preparation.

Question 3: What was your general preparation strategy for CAT 2021?

As an engineer, I already felt comfortable in the area of ​​quantitative skills. So I revised my formulas and practiced questions about them. Reading is extremely important to VARC. I have regularly read articles from Aeon Essays on this. And for the LRDI section, I practiced section tests. I’ve tried many mock tests and carefully analyzed my mistakes to improve my concepts.

Question 4: Was there a specific section / area where you were weak? How did you master this challenge? What strategies did you choose to master this section?

I used to struggle to solve reading comprehension. To improve in this section, I have read articles and essays regularly. This was extremely helpful in increasing my reading speed and improving my accuracy in the VARC area.

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Question 5: Tell us about yourself, your family and your interests beyond science?

I am currently pursuing my B.Tech. from IIT. I like to watch soccer and I am also part of the robotics club in my college. My father and mother are teachers. I have a keen interest in watching movies and sports.

Question 6: Were you part of a coaching institute? Do you think coaching is necessary to surpass CAT?

Yes, I registered with the TIME coaching institute for my preparation. I believe that coaching is not required to prepare for the CAT exam, but the structured guidance will be helpful in improving your concepts.

Question 7: Is there a particular book or study material that has helped you gain an advantage over other candidates?

I believe that practicing section tests and mock tests has helped me improve my concepts.

Question 8: How can an aspirant avoid negative reviews?

I believe that students should only try sets in LRDI that they are sure they will solve. Care should be taken when choosing the right sets. And for VARC, try to devote enough time to verbal skills issues.

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Question 9: What role did mocks play in your success? How many mocks did you try before the exam?

I took part in a series of tests by renowned institutes and gave almost 40 mocks. These ridicules were helpful in identifying and improving my weak points.

Question 10: Please tell us your strategy for the exam day for the CAT 2021. What was your last minute preparation? How did you plan your CAT test?

I believe that having a relaxed mind is important for the CAT exam. As for my testing strategy, I tried three reading comprehensions for the VARC section and then shifted my focus to questions of verbal ability. For LRDI, I analyzed the paper for a few minutes and then started solving questions. As for Quant, I tried all of the questions in a serial order while skipping the time consuming problems.

Question 11: Do you think academic background plays an important role in CAT preparation and why?

No, I don’t think that academic background plays a major role in CAT preparation, because CAT is an examination that tests our suitability and not conceptual knowledge. Basic math and English skills are required, while the subjects we study in our degree do not play a major role in CAT preparation.

Question 12: For which institutes did you apply for admission and why did you choose this one in particular?

I applied to the top IIMs and FMS. This is based on the feedback I have received from my teachers and supervisors. I believe these prestigious institutes will help me lay a solid foundation for a career in management.

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Question 13: How do you prepare for the DG – PI and WAT rounds of the selection process?

In preparation for the WAT-GDPI rounds, I read newspapers and editorials regularly.

Question 14: What is your message to CAT candidates? An important piece of advice that you would like to follow and would have liked to have known.

I would suggest that future CAT candidates take regular test tests. One must not be discouraged by bad grades in these mocks and carefully analyze them to improve their weaknesses.

Question 15: What is your dream job after completing the MBA?

My dream is to pursue a career where I can apply the finance and management concepts I learn during my MBA to make a meaningful impact.

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