MP Elementary School Teacher Aptitude Test – Applicants were nine and a half lakh, no vacancies are known

Bhopal“When it comes to government jobs and employment, the government in Madhya Pradesh appears to be juggling the public. The exam announced in 2008 is to be carried out in 2022. The government applied with new candidates but did not increase the number of vacancies. The number of applicants has risen to 9.37 lakhs.

The elementary school teacher proficiency test process was initiated in 2018 by the Bhopal Professional Examination Board for the Ministry of School Education and Tribal Affairs of the Madhya Pradesh Government. After filing the application and the candidates’ fees, the newly elected Kamal Nath government did not conduct the exam. After 16 months there was a change of power, but the Shivraj Singh government did not organize the examination either.

The exam is announced for 2022. The government had resumed the application process for the 2022 exam, which was advertised in 2018. 6.57 lakh candidates were already in the competition. In the second online application round, 2.80 lakh new candidates appeared. There are now a total of 9.37 lakh candidates in the fight.

At the time of the second online application round, the government representatives argued that the exam will take place in 2022, so unemployed people who have qualified in the last 2 years should also get a chance. His reasoning can be considered correct, but it is incomplete. The population has increased in the last 3 years. Thousands of teachers have retired. New schools are to be opened. The positions of retired teachers are to be filled. The number of vacancies is also expected to increase. For important news from Madhya Pradesh, please mp news Click on

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