MPSC State Service 2021: Exam in 10 days; Check last minute prep tips

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is ready to conduct the MPSC State Service 2021 Pre Exam on January 23, 2022. The pre-examination admission card was issued last month on December 21, 2021.

Therefore, candidates who have successfully applied for this recruitment campaign can download their admission cards from the official website, The state commission is carrying out this recruiting campaign with the aim of filling a total of 290 positions in several positions. Therefore it can be assumed that the competition is fierce and only a few selected candidates will be accepted into the commission.

In view of the fierce competition, it is important for every candidate to pay attention to two things: first, to download the MPSC State Service 2021 Admit Card in good time, and second, to concentrate on the final preparation before the exam. Less than ten days before the exam, candidates can crack the preliminary exam with the following preparation tips –

MPSC State Service 2021 syllabus focuses on two parts – General Studies (GS) and the Public Service Proficiency Test (CSAT). While the former comprises 100 questions, the latter comprises 80 questions – both for 200 marks. So before starting the last minute preparation, a candidate must go through the exam scheme again to make sure he / she is on the right track.

After the candidate understands the curriculum, the candidate should begin his / her preparation at the last minute by solving MPSC State Service 2021 Question Papers from the previous year. These should be from 2013 to 2020 in order to know the type of questions asked, focus on important topics and the level of difficulty. Try to do an assignment at least 2 times before the exam for extra practice.

The full list of works from 2013-2020 is available in the book entitled Ayogache Paper State Service Pre-Exam Question Papers Through Mahesh Shinde).

Another important tip is to keep a specific goal in mind when solving previous year’s work or test tests. The minimum score for the MPSC State Services 2021 Preliminary Exam is 250 out of 400 points. If you get more than this rating, a candidate’s chances of qualifying in the next phase increase. So try to get that score as you solve each individual mock test. Gradually increase the goal with each passing day.

Also, for a more effective last minute exercise, a candidate should attempt to complete these tasks within 4 hours. By the actual exam date, the candidates must have practiced at least 10 papers, which increases the chances of a qualification by 10-20 percent.

– The preliminary examination is very competitive. So the more questions you practice at the last minute, the better. Therefore, in addition to solving exercise sheets from the previous year, the candidates also have to solve other questions from other reference works. However, candidates should stick with the reference books they already have rather than buying new books from the market. The point is to keep the exam grid rather than using multiple books.

– The final tip is to revise. If a candidate has too many questions to solve, he / she can spend time reviewing the factual information or current events. To speed up the process, there are several YouTube videos that give an overview of what’s going on in the state and country. Watch these videos several times to capture the important points before the exam day.

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