No invasion of privacy on devices distributed to students: UP govt

Student personal information, including contacts, browser history, email, text messages, passwords, photos, files, and personal user profiles, is completely safe and secure, the government says

LUCKNOW The state government on Thursday categorically denied allegations of invasion of privacy in tablets and smartphones distributed to students by Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The devices were distributed as part of the UP government’s “free tablet and smartphone distribution campaign” to technically empower youth in the education sector. The goal was to distribute 1 core gadgets across the state.

“The tablets and smartphones distributed by the government are completely safe. Personal data of students, including contacts, browser history, e-mails, text messages, passwords, photos, files and personal user profiles, are completely safe and secure, ”said a press release from the state government spokesman.

It came after opposition parties claimed that students’ data was not secure on the devices recently given them by the government.

“The government cannot monitor students’ private data. Such a method is used to share educational content with students when invasion of privacy is not possible, ”the press release said.

The government made it clear that the Digi Shakti app installed in the devices will be used by universities and affected departments to share educational content, an official said.

The government will also use the same app to send notifications of exams and employment opportunities. The state government will work with Infosys to manage the app, he added.

Special Secretary (IT and Electronics) Kumar Vineet said, “The distribution of tablets and smartphones is just the beginning of the program. The ultimate goal of the program is to use these tools for education and exam preparation by providing useful content so that students can become self-reliant. “

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