No negative evaluation in RSMSSB AFO & Fireman Exam – It is necessary to get 33% of the points in the written exam.

No negative evaluation in RSMSSB AFO & Fireman Exam, from RSMSSB The written exam for the posts of Assistant Fire Officer & Fireman will be conducted on January 29, 2022. In order to pass the Rajasthan AFO & Fireman exam, at least 33% of the points must be achieved.

The date of the 2021 Firefighters and Assistant Fire Officer Recruitment Examination has been announced by the Rajasthan Personnel Selection Committee. All candidates who have applied for these two positions can now easily take this recruitment exam being held this month.

  • On the same day, the recruitment test for the firefighter and the firefighter assistant takes place. As part of this recruitment, 29 positions for fire service assistants and 600 positions for fire service personnel will be recruited.
  • Previously these recruits were carried out by the Rajasthan Fire Department, but this time the audits of these two positions are being carried out by the Rajasthan Personnel Selection Committee.
  • Important information was also given on the approval card for fire brigade & fire service assistant recruitment 2021, which we will report on in detail.

The test for the recruitment of the fire service assistant and the firefighter in 2021 will now be carried out on the same day

  • The 2021 Fire Fighters and Assistant Fire Officer recruitment exam will be organized by the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board on January 29, 2022.
  • The exam for direct recruitment of firefighters will take place on January 29, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • The exam for the recruitment of the fire service assistant in 2021 will take place from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • The board of directors also said about the admission card that the admission card will soon be uploaded to the official website of the board of directors so that all candidates can then conveniently download the admission card.
  • The board has already issued instructions that no candidate associated with the recruitment of firefighters and fire service assistants will be sent a separate admission card.
  • All must download the Admit Card from the board’s official website.

Since there are no negative marks, the cutoff can be very high

  • Experts also say that due to the lack of a negative rating in the exam for hiring fire department assistants and firefighters, the cutoff can also be very high.
  • Therefore, the competition among the candidates will be very fierce this time.
  • Only those who have prepared well for the exams will get the job.
  • According to the information, it also turned out that the second part of the paper of these two recruits relates to the fire service course.
  • Around 1.50 lakh candidates have applied for both positions.

Only 29 positions were awarded and 8 thousand candidates applied

  • There are 29 positions to be filled for fire service assistants. Approximately 8,000 candidates applied for these 29 positions, while approximately 1.42 lakh candidates applied for 600 positions in both the TSP and non-TSP areas of Fireman.
  • This number is very high, which means that the competition among the candidates will be very high.
  • Experts assume that there will be a competition among around 237 candidates for a seat in the recruitment of firefighters. There will be a competition among approximately 276 applicants for a position in the recruitment of fire fighters.
  • After the written test in these two recruitment procedures, 10 times the total number of candidates will be called for the physical test.
  • This means that when fire service assistants are recruited, 290 candidates are selected after the written test and called for a physical exam. While 6,000 candidates are called for a physical test after the fire brigade recruitment test.

Must have achieved at least 33% of the grades in the written exam

  • In the written test of these two attitudes, candidates of the general caste must achieve at least 33% of the points out of 70.
  • This means that candidates must score at least 23.1 in order to pass. If a candidate gets lower grades, he will be excluded from the appointment.
  • Candidates in the SC / ST category must achieve 28% of the points in the written test. In addition, the physical and practical test will be 150 points.
  • With this hiring, the final selection of candidates will only be based on the grades obtained on the written, physical and practical tests.

The questionnaire for the fire assistant test and the direct recruitment test for firefighters consists of two parts.

The first part of the work of these two recruitment exams contains questions on 25 points and in the second part questions on 45 points.

Both exams used to be rated with 120 points, later the board adjusted the written exam to 70 points, which is why many candidates now benefit from this regulation.

Education expert Mahendra Chaudhary provided information about the exam

  • Education expert Mahendra Chaudhary said that most of them asked more questions about Rajasthan’s geography and culture by looking at the question paper from recent exams in Rajasthan.
  • Therefore, candidates must thoroughly study the geography and culture of Rajasthan, as questions are expected to come from these two subjects as well.
  • In addition, the board of directors has already issued an examination notification, you can also prepare for the examination according to the notification. Because the weight of the physical exam is heavy.

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