Omicron brings people to the hospital and kills people, just like previous variants: WHO chief

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press conference on January 6, 2022 that While Omicron appears to be less severe compared to Delta, especially among those vaccinated, that doesn’t mean it should be classified as “light”.

The WHO chief warned that the Omicron takes people to the hospital and kills people, just like the previous variants. He said, “In fact, the tsunami of cases is so large and rapid that it is overwhelming health systems around the world.”

He noted that the “Hospitals are becoming overcrowded and understaffed, leading to preventable deaths not only from COVID-19 but also from other illnesses and injuries that prevent patients from receiving timely care.” He also stressed the importance of vaccination, saying that first generation COVID-19 vaccines may not stop all infections and transmissions, but they remain highly effective in reducing hospital stays and deaths from this virus.

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How can you stem the sudden surge in Covid cases?

The WHO chief stressed that in addition to vaccinations, social measures in the area of ​​public health, including wearing well-fitting masks, distancing, avoiding crowds, and improving and investing in ventilation are important to limit the transmission of COVID-19 .

Vaccine equity

The WHO chief emphasized that Vaccine and overall health inequalities were the biggest failures of the past year. He pointed out that at the current pace of COVID-19 vaccine adoption, 109 countries would miss out on fully vaccinating 70 percent of their population by early July 2022.

He stressed that the essence of vaccine disparity is that some countries are moving towards vaccinating their citizens a fourth time, while others do not even have enough regular supplies to vaccinate their health workers and the most vulnerable.

He hit the idea of ​​a booster dose and said: Booster after booster in a small number of countries is not going to end a pandemic while billions are left completely unprotected.

He indicated that “Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Omicron reflect that we have created the perfect conditions for the appearance of virus variants, partly because of the low vaccination rates.” He said the highest number of COVID19 cases to date were reported in the pandemic last week and that the tsunami of cases is overwhelming health systems around the world.

He emphasized that we must first effectively share the Covid-19 vaccines that are produced. He said it is now crucial that the Covid vaccine manufacturers and dose-donating countries share delivery times in advance so that countries have adequate preparation to introduce them effectively.

He further said “Let’s take a ‘never again’ approach to pandemic prep and vaccine manufacturing so that when the next generation of # COVID19 vaccines are available, they are produced fairly and countries don’t have to beg for scarce resources .

Tedros added that the The World Health Organization will continue to invest in vaccine manufacturing centers and will work with all manufacturers willing to share expertise, technology and licenses. He stressed that we should also invest and build the public health and health systems we need, with strong surveillance, adequate testing, empowered, supported and protected health workers, and an empowered, engaged and empowered world population.

He then called on the world’s citizens, including civil society, scientists, business leaders, economists and teachers, to urge governments and pharmaceutical companies to share health tools around the world and put an end to the death and destruction of this pandemic. He stressed that we need equal opportunities in vaccinations, treatments, equal opportunities in tests and equal opportunities in health care.


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