[PDF] SSC JE Curriculum 2022 in Hindi and English

Friends, you can download SSC JE, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, 2022 Syllabus PDF and Exam Pattern, Selection Process in Hindi & English from here.

Friends, as you know, the report of the SSC JE was issued shortly, for which many students have been committed for many years, some of them asked me for PDF of the SSC JE 2022 syllabus, hence eeexamsyllabus. SSC JE Syllabus 2022, examination scheme, selection procedure was explained in detail for all students on behalf of in, which you can download here.

SSC JE selection process 2022

Name of the exam ssc junior engineering exam
Commonly known as ssc per exam
Examination Implementing Authority Personnel Selection Committee (SSC)
Exam level National
School qualification Masters course
Minimum age limit 21 to 40 years
Exam Levels Paper 1 – CBT (online) Paper 2 – pen and paper (offline) Document review
Exam mode online and offline
Registration fee 100 rupees
Official website ssc.nic.in
SSC JE selection process 2022

Note: – Friends, for your information I want to share that the SSC JE selection process is mainly completed in 4 steps which I have told you about in detail below.

  • SSC JE written exam
  • SSC JE-Paper-1 (online)
  • SSC JE paper-2 (offline)
  • SSC JE document review
  • SSC JE earnings list

SSC JE Written Examination Sample 2022

Friends, I want to share for your information that the SSC JE Written Exam Pattern is mainly divided into two parts, which I have explained in detail below, you can find out more.

  1. SSC JE paper 1 (online)
  2. SSC JE paper 2 (offline)

1.SSC JE-paper-1

electricity Number of questions Overall grades length of time
General Intelligence Reasoning 50 50 2 hours
general awareness 50 50 2 hours
General mechanical engineering Part – A (civil engineering) or Part – B (Electrical) or Part – C (Mechanical) 100 100 2 hours
SSC JE Written Examination Sample 2022

Main point: –

  • Friends SSC JE paper 1 is online
  • Friends, this exam is based on multiple choice (MCQ)
  • In this exam, 100 questions with 100 points are asked.
  • This exam takes a full 2 ​​hours
  • Each question in this exam is worth 1 point
  • in this exam ¼ There is a negative mark

2.SSC JE-paper-2

Parts object Overall grades length of time
Part A General civil engineering (construction & building construction)
Part B General mechanical engineering (electrical)
Part-C General mechanical engineering (mechanical engineering) 300 2 hours
SSC JE Written Examination Sample 2022
  • Friends SSC JE paper 2 is mainly online.
  • SSC JE paper 1 has a full 300 marks
  • SSC JE Paper 1 takes two hours

SSC JE document review 2022

Notice :- Candidates who qualify for the SSC JE Paper 1 & 2 Cutoff Marks are eligible to attend the SSC Junior Engineer document review phase. At this stage of the SSC-JE selection process, candidates must submit all relevant documents upon request from officials. The list of documents that may need to be submitted to the Commission for review is as follows.

  • 10. Sheet of music and certificate
  • 12. Sheet of music and certificate
  • Final grade sheet at the end
  • Bachelor certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Category Certificate (if applicable)
  • PWD certificate (if applicable)

SSC JE Final Merit List

Notice :- Final selection of candidates for the SSC JE 2021 exam will be based on their performance in SSC JE Paper 1 & 2. Applicants who pass all stages of the SSC JE selection process will be placed on the final merit list. The final SSC JE earnings list will be drawn up based on the candidates’ grades on paper 1 and 2.

SSC JE 2022 Paper-1, Paper-2 Syllabus PDF in Hindi & English

Friends, you can get detailed information on the SSC JE 2022 curriculum here, as well as download the PDF in Hindi and English.

SSC JE Paper-I curriculum

1. General intelligence and reasoning

Notice :- Friends, I would like to inform you that this section of Paper 1 consists of 50 questions.

part curriculum
Part A Civil engineering courses: building materials, appraisal, calculation and evaluation, surveying, soil mechanics, hydraulics, irrigation technology, traffic engineering, environmental technology. Structural engineering: structural theory, concrete technology, RCC dimensioning, steel construction.
part B Electrical engineering curriculum: Basic terms, switching law, magnetic circuits, AC basics, measuring and measuring devices, electrical machines, KW motors and single-phase asynchronous motors, synchronous machines, generation, transmission and distribution, estimation and calculation, use and electrical energy, basic electronics.
Part C. Mechanical engineering courses: Fundamentals of machine and machine design, technical mechanics and strength theory, properties of pure substances, first law of thermodynamics, second law of thermodynamics, standard air cycle for internal combustion engines, performance of internal combustion engines, combustion of internal combustion engines, internal combustion engine cooling and lubrication, Rankine cycle of systems, boilers, classification, specification, fittings and accessories, air compressors and their circuits, refrigeration circuits, principle of the refrigeration system, nozzles and steam turbines. Properties and classification of fluids, fluid statics, fluid pressure measurement, fluid kinematics, dynamics of ideal fluids, flow measurement, fundamentals, hydraulic turbines, centrifugal pumps, classification of steel.
SSC JE 2022 Paper-1, Paper-2 Syllabus PDF

2. General awareness

This section also consists of 50 goal-type questions. The questions test the candidate’s understanding of current events, particularly history, culture, geography, economic scene, general politics and scientific research, etc., relating to India and its neighboring countries.

3. General mechanical engineering

This section of Paper 1 has 100 objections and depends on the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering field of study chosen by the candidate.

Civil engineering Electrical engineering mechanical engineering
Building material basic concept Machine theory and machine design
Estimation, calculation and evaluation AC basics Technical mechanics and strength theory
Amount of land Measuring and measuring devices Properties of basic substances
Soil mechanics electrical machines thermodynamics
Hydraulics Fractional KW motors and single-phase induction motors Standard air cycle for internal combustion engines
Irrigation technology Production, transmission and sales Rankine cycle of steam
Traffic engineering Estimate and cost Fluid mechanics and machines
environmental engineering Use of electrical energy Fluid kinematics
Structural engineering Basic electronics hydraulic turbine
RCC design centrifugal pump
Classification of steels
SSC JE 2022 Paper-1, Paper-2 Syllabus PDF

SSC JE Paper-II curriculum

Friends, I would like to inform you that the SSC JE Paper II Syllabus consists of three parts – Part A (civil engineering), part B (electrical engineering) and part C (mechanical engineering). Candidates must indicate their choice of experts in their application form. The thematic curriculum is presented as follows.

SSC JE Paper I Syllabus for Reasoning
analogy similarities
difference solve problems
arithmetic calculation Make a decision
Discrimination Concept of relationship
arithmetic reasoning Orally
arithmetic series of numbers visual memory
Space scene analysis
monitoring Abstract videos, symbols and their relationships
analytical work holocaust
SSC JE Paper-II curriculum,

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Can we download the SSC JE Syllabus 2022 PDF in Hindi and English from here?

Yes, you can download the SSC JE Syllabus 2022 PDF in Hindi and English here.

Is there a negative grade in the SSC JE exam?

Yes in the SSC JE exam ¼ There is a negative mark.


Friends, I sincerely hope that you understood our article well and that all the questions about the SSC JE Syllabus 2022 PDF need to be answered in your head, but still, if you have other related questions on your mind, you can ask me in the comments box below, me will definitely answer your questions.

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