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Kochi: Although the government plans to start upper secondary exams on March 30, teachers and students fear that it will be difficult to complete all parts of Class XII by then. Teachers said they will not have enough time as the practical exams start on February 21st and the model exams start on March 16th.
Also, on January 31st, the Plus One students currently taking Plus Two will begin the Improvement Assessment, and this will be followed by evaluations that will keep teachers busy for a week. As a result, working days will be limited and teachers said most schools have only covered 25 to 50% of the servings so far.
With Omicron’s concerns mounting, full-fledged offline courses are unlikely in the coming days. Various teachers’ associations have asked the government to postpone the exam until May and to take practical exams after the theory tests so that there is enough time to cover the portions.
Aided Higher Secondary Teachers Association’s undersecretary-general, S. Manoj, said teachers are struggling to complete parts because the schedule is tight and there won’t be time for proper revision.
“The Plus One exam for Plus Two students ended on October 26th due to the pandemic and by then most of them had been disregarding the Class XII curriculum. Since the schools only work until the afternoon, the number of teaching hours is lower. Teachers, too, cannot focus on teaching online after spending all day at school. In many schools, almost 25% of the parts are finished and both teachers and students do not know how to do the rest. It is better to take exams in May and then do internships, ”he said.
Anil M. George, state secretary general of the department’s upper level teachers’ association, said that, unlike last year, 60% of the curriculum has been put into “focus areas”, which is important from an exam point of view; That means the students will have to study more this year. The practical lessons are also a mess, as the scheme or pattern has not yet been established. Students hardly ever did an internship or finished their record work, he added.
“When the parents asked how the portions were completed, we had no answer. Since the “focus area” appeared during the Christmas holidays instead of at the beginning of the academic year, the students fear that they will not even be able to deal with the topics mentioned. The exam schedule was drawn up without consulting the teachers’ associations, ”he said.


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