Preparation for CG Pre B.Ed 2022

How to prepare for CG Pre B.Ed 2022 – Preparation is very important in any type of exam. Proper preparation is key to passing any exam well. With good preparation, the candidates are free of tension and can learn well. It is always advisable that candidates have a good preparation plan. Candidates should always focus on clarifying the concepts rather than just memorizing them. There are many other parameters that candidates should focus on while preparing for an exam. With CG Pre B.Ed 2022, we have made some tips available here to help candidates master their preparation well. Scroll down below to learn more about how to prepare for CG Pre B.Ed, Best Books, etc.

Preparation for CG Pre B.Ed 2022

As the exam approaches, many candidates are looking for the right preparation tips. See below how you can prepare yourself by studying and practicing a few simple things.

CG Pre B.Ed 2022 exam overview

It is very important to have a brief understanding of the exam candidates are about to take. Below is an overview of the CG Pre B.Ed exam:

details details
Name of the exam CG Pre B.Ed 2022
Leading body Chattisgarh Professional Examination Board
Exam level State examination
category Entrance exam
Official website
Application mode On-line
Exam mode Offline (pen and paper)
Kind of question Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Total number of questions 100
Exam duration 02 hours

CG Pre B.Ed 2022 curriculum and exam template

It is important to know the syllabus of the exam for which we are studying. Questions in CG Pre B.Ed are asked from four sections: General Skills, General Knowledge, Teaching Skills, English, Hindi. The CG Pre B.Ed takes place in offline mode and the exam duration is two hours. The exam mode is Hindi and English. The question is asked in the MCQ type. In the exam, a total of 100 questions are asked for a total of 100 points. For each correct answer 01 point is awarded. There is no provision for negative labeling.

The segmental distribution of the grades is given as follows:

subjects No of the question Overall grades
General ability 30th 30th
Teaching qualification 30th 30th
General knowledge 20th 20th
General No. 10 10
General English 10 10
total 100 100

How to prepare for the CG Pre B.Ed 2022 general skill

General mental performance is an important part of the CG Pre B.Ed exam. This section includes arguments such as verbal or non-verbal. General Skill is one such section that is rated very well and candidates can get good grades if they prepare well for this section. In order to prepare for the general performance part, candidates must try to solve more and more thought exercises and thoughts with inclusive questions. It is important to prepare the mind to think logically. There are many tutorial videos and books available that help can be drawn from.

Preparation for CG Pre B.Ed 2022 Teaching Aptitude

As the name suggests, the teaching qualification assesses the intellectual ability and performance of candidates who want to become teachers in the near future. In this section, you will be assessed on how fair and efficient you deal with the situation in the classroom and how you think outside the box. The subjects that candidates have to study for this are very simple. Remember, in order to solve this section, candidates will need to think practically from a teacher’s point of view. Candidates can easily find teaching skills books in the market.

How to prepare for CG Pre B.Ed 2022 General Knowledge

To prepare for the General Knowledge section, candidates need to keep abreast of all current and recent events going on around them. General knowledge questions related to sports, news, politics, history, general science, etc. are covered in this section. Candidates can use any yearbook to prepare for this section.

Preparation for CG Pre B.Ed 2022 Hindi

To prepare for the Hindi part, candidates need to prepare basic subjects like Shabd Rachna, Shabd Vichar, etc. The curriculum for Hindi is very simple. The topics in this section will be most of those already studied in grades 10, 11, and 12. This section will be like a revision of the older topics.

How to prepare for CG Pre B.Ed 2022

The English section will be 10 marks. To prepare for the English section, candidates must prepare basic grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing comprehension. If you are a beginner or even an intermediate learner at all, you need to practice it regularly and persistently. English demands regularity. The English curriculum is very simple and can be very easily created with sufficient time and with the help of resources such as YouTube tutorials.

CG Pre B.Ed 2022 Important books

A list of all important and required books for the CG Pre B.Ed can be found in the table below:

Books Left
Chhattisgarh Vrahad Sandarbh – Hindi Buy here
Samanya Budhi Avum Tarkshakti Parikshan Buy here
Chhattisgarh Vrahad Sandarbh – Hindi Buy here
Chhattisgarh Pre-D.Ed. Pariksha paperback – Nov. Buy here
Chhattisgarh Pre-B. Ed. Investigation Buy here
Chhattisgarh Pre B.Ed Pariksha 2019 Complete Manual and Exercise Book Buy here
Objective English language and understanding Buy here

CG Pre B.Ed 2022 Exam Prep Tips

Below are some of the tips candidates can follow to get high marks on the BSTC exam:

  • Follow a schedule: It is very important to create a schedule and follow it. A good schedule is important so that it helps with preparation. By following a schedule, one can set the amount of time to give to each section. This does not create any confusion and each section is given an equal time.
  • Start with the difficult section first: It is always a good idea to select the difficult section first to start preparing. If the candidate starts with the difficult section first, he or she has enough time to revise it. Often times, candidates make this mistake of sticking to the difficult topics at the end and then don’t have enough time to prepare for them at the end. Therefore, one should start with the difficult topics first.
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinking: Because the Rajasthan BSTC exam is conducted for teaching purposes, candidates must be creative and should have the ability to think outside the box. The course requires candidates to work on their communication skills and at the same time to be technically and socially sensitive.
  • Improving Thinking Skills: Candidates should improve their thinking skills as the BSTC exam includes questions related to culture, history, political science, etc. The focus should be on the current issues, art, history, etc. that will be included in the teaching course. As you learn these, you can answer the questions faster.
  • Follow the curriculum: Following the curriculum is key to preparation. Having a clear understanding of the curriculum is important as it teaches you what to study and how much to learn.
  • Practice the question paper from the previous year: Solving the questionnaire from the previous year is important as it will give you a good idea of ​​how the question is asked, what the level of difficulty is, and how the exam goes. Solving the question paper also helps in analyzing the level of preparation.

FAQs to prepare for CG Pre B.Ed

Q. What is CG in front of the bed?

Answer is Chhattisgarh Pre BEd exam entrance State examination for candidates who are aiming for part-time teacher training. The Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board conducts this exam for admission to various B. Ed. Courses are offered by various universities across the country.

Q. How can I prepare for the CG Pre B.Ed exam?

Answer You can find some of the preparation tips for CG Pre B.Ed on the above page. Candidates can do the same for their preparation.

Q. What should I study for the CG Pre B.Ed exam?

Answer In order to appear for CG Pre b.ed, candidates must study General Skills, Pedagogical Interest, General Hindi and English, and General Knowledge.

Q. In what mode is CG Pre B.Ed performed?

Answer CG Pre B.Ed will be conducted offline in both Hindi and English.

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