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Created: January 5, 2022

You must be sure to have visited at least one restaurant with negligible leg space between the tables and the seats.

So much so that you have to sit, move and slide in to make room for others …….

Can you remember such dining places?

Most commercial spaces ignore standard furniture sizes.

Why such a disregard for standard anthropometry?

That’s because……..

If there are only 15 cm from the tables and the passage in a restaurant, space can be created for a few more tables.

More tables in a restaurant means more guests can be accommodated during peak hours, which translates into more profits.

Standard dimensions should be followed when designing an interior space, but unfortunately this takes a back seat in so many cases.

Design can be studied through formal education.

But you can also learn a lot about design by developing a keen sense of observation.

Many factors influence how the architecture and interiors of an area are designed. It’s much more than just choosing designs from a catalog

The factors that influence the interior space include space usage, budget, material availability and location.

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India is a multilingual, multiethnic country with a dialect, culture and lifestyle that changes every few hundred kilometers.

So when I relocated my base from Delhi to Ahmedabad, I noticed the following regarding architecture & interior design.

1st fact: Every house here has a storage room.

Explanation: In Gujarat, it is the norm to store grain year round, so storage space is a must. In Delhi, most people shop for their supplies monthly, those who do store use wall cabinets. Land prices too are much higher in Delhi so the luxury of having a separate storage room is not possible.

2nd fact: Separate washing area for utensils

Explanation: Sinks & basins are not used to wash utensils. A separate washing area called For this purpose “chowkdi” is used. The underlying belief is that used utensils have a negative effect Energies, i.e. a separate area for storing & Wash dishes. The kitchen is considered sacred for preparing healthy and nutritious food, hence the origin of a separate laundry area

3rd fact: Installation of shoe racks in front of every home and business

Explanation: Most people go barefoot inside the site and the same is expected of visitors. The underlying belief is that shoes wear dirt on the outside and pollute the inside – both physically and energetically, so they better stay outside.

4th fact: Swing or Jhula in almost every household

Explanation: The Vaishnava sect in Gujarat reveres Lord Krishna and “jhoola or swing” has an ominous meaning, so it is very natural to have one in the house.

5th fact: Existence of chabutro or bird feeders in every neighborhood

Explanation: A “chabutro” is a platform on a central post supported by consoles, often beautifully carved in stone, the older ones were mostly made of wood. The origins can be traced back to the Jain concept of “jeev daya” in which every form of life on earth is considered sacred and worth promoting.

My purpose of providing the examples above is simple:

  • Be attentive, look around, and be curious. If you find something strange or unusual, dig deeper and find the motive for it.
  • Nothing exists without a reason, everything has a purpose. Try to find out what influence the design has, be it commercial or aesthetic.
  • Do a digital detox every now and then and observe your surroundings with childlike curiosity (of course, this is only possible in the post-Covid world.)

A design student is a lifelong learner.

Your training does not end with formal schooling.

A learning attitude will go a long way towards acquiring the necessary design skills.

Preparing for a design or architecture exam is not a one-month exercise.

Start early and you’ll be amazed at how little you actually need to prepare.

Much luck!!

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