Preparation for UCEED 2022

How to prepare for UCEED 2022 – Candidates who want to pass UCEED 2022 with flying colors have to practice hard. So here we are with some great tips to help you prepare for UCEED 2022. UCEED is a national test that is conducted to help students gain admission to the B.Des course in various prestigious IITs in India such as IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, and IIITDM Jabalpur. Therefore, it is very important for the candidates to know the tips and make a plan for their preparation for UCEED 2022. Scroll down to learn more about prep tips, topper secrets, and key topics to prepare for UCEED 2022.

UCEED 2022: overview

Exam Name UCEED
Complete form Joint entrance exam for the Design bachelor’s degree
Leading body IIT Bombay
Exam mode Computer-based (Part B is offline)
Number of questions Part A – 240
Part B – 01
Kind of questions Part A – NAT, MSQ, and MCQs
Part B – Drawing Question
Total duration Part A – 2 hours 30 minutes
Part B – 30 minutes

How do I prepare for UCEED 2022?

Since UCEED 2022 is a design-oriented aptitude test, a keen interest in design is required. If the candidate is passionate about design and creativity, nothing can stop them. Some of the best tips and preparation strategies are listed below:

  • Toppers Favorite- Practice from last year Questionnaire- Last year’s questions give you a glimpse into the paper’s bottom line of what to try and what to give up. And questions are often repeated, especially with regard to creative talent. So the reason for the success of the toppers is the solution to last year’s questionnaires.
  • Create a strategy for the UCEED curriculum-The UCEED 2022 curriculum includes several topics of different genres to test the aptitude level of the candidates. In addition, the subjects are not limited to the prescribed curriculum, candidates must consider the larger scope and try to cover the maximum part of the curriculum given for Part A of the question paper.
  • Important topics for Part A for UCEED 2022-
  1. Analytical and logical awareness
  2. Visualization and spatial skills
  3. Environmental and social awareness
  4. Design thinking and problem solving
  5. Language and creativity
  6. Observational and design sensitivity
  • Focus on language and understanding

This is an assessment part so candidates are encouraged to practice their language and comprehension skills. You should try to solve practice questions in the best English books. You should make it a habit to read magazines, novels, or newspapers.

  • Logical suitability counts UCEED is an aptitude test where many of the mcqs on the exam are often based on observation and reason. Hence, students really need to brush up on their logical and creative thinking skills. There is no prescribed curriculum for this. But the more you practice, the more skills you will develop in solving these questions.
  • Visualization and drawing skills What can really highlight you on this exam are visualization and drawing skills. Excellent drawing skills are required to pass this exam. Candidates must take care to learn key drawing techniques, especially those used in visualization and in 3D sketches. Working on a perspective is essential for visualizing everyday objects and scenes.
  • Expand your imagination- Candidates have to have a broader thinking horizon, they have to have a broader view of each design if they are to pass UCEED 2022 with flying colors. To shine in Part B, thinking out-of-the-box and focusing on every detail of the sketch can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Brush up on your creative skills –Part – B of the UCEED 2022 Question Paper consists of a question based on drawing and sketching skills. This is the make-or-break question as it is a very important question. Since candidates have to do their best on this question, they can practice with the help of design courses / videos on YouTube or other guides.
  • Work on your speed – Candidates have to work on their speed to cover as many questions as possible. Part A of the exam is very long and therefore students have to pull up their socks.

Essential books to prepare for UCEED 2022

With the help of books, candidates can plan their subject-related studies. Books can provide orientation for your studies and help you prepare effectively.

Name of the book Amazon link
UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness from a design perspective Buy here
UCEED mock test series Buy here
UCEED B.Des entrance test books and revision series Buy here
Quantitative suitability for competitive tests Buy here
NIFT / Nata / Ceed / Uceed Entry Books – Analytical Skills Buy here
Word power made easy Buy here

UCEED 2022 exam template

Here is the technical breakdown of topics for the UCEED 2022 exam.

Examination sample from Part-A

section Kind of questions Number of the question Total score for the section
1 Numeric response type (NAT) 18th 72
2 Multiple choice question (MSQ) 18th 72
3 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) 32 96
total 68 240

Examination sample from Part-B

Kind of question Number of questions Overall grades
Sketching 1 60

About UCEED 2022

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, holds the UCEED exam annually to allow undergraduate admission to the undergraduate design courses. The UCEED 2022 question paper consists of 2 parts, i.e. Part A is a computer-based test (CBT mode) and Part B is a sketch test. IIT Bombay is also running CEED to provide admission to students in postgraduate design courses.

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