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The reading comprehension for CAT has both the highest part weight and the total weight. It would be helpful if you covered the text passages well.

After that, there are numerous myths surrounding reading comprehension for the CAT exam. We’ll discuss them below:

  • The number one myth is that in order to understand passages of text you need to know the author’s intention: However, this only applies to a limited extent. You can review the passage according to your attitude and perception and try to answer the following questions, and in most cases answering them would not require full alignment with the author’s intent.
  • One must read every word in the passage: This is not true as the RC for CAT often contains certain noise words and phrases. Plus, you just need to understand the gist of the passage. So don’t worry if you leave out words. All of this can be done as long as you focus on the type of questions that are asked under the passage. Just read and understand at your pace and everything will go smoothly for you without worrying about anything else.
  • The other myth that surrounds the RC passages is that You need exceptional English vocabulary. However, this is also not entirely true. Although you may need to have some knowledge of vocabulary, the non-native speakers may not be able to get a thorough understanding of every word. It is natural not to know every word. In such cases, it is best to understand the meaning of each word by referring to the full sentence and guessing the direction and flow of the sentences. Often times you will find that your suspicions are correct. Just understand the context.
  • Also, not every line in reading comprehension is absolutely necessary. The only important thing is to know the condensed meaning of the passage, which is necessary to answer the following questions.

Problems with reading comprehension test

  • The biggest problem aspirants might face with reading comprehension reads it! That may sound silly and obvious. This is the case, however, because most CAT aspirants do not have English as their first language and do not speak or write in that language frequently.

The solution to this problem is for you to develop a reading habit. Read as much as you can and from a variety of topics. It is best to familiarize yourself with topics of different types and qualities. Start reading in simpler language and gradually move on to more academic writing. However, most understandings in CAT can be resolved if you have a certain reading habit.

  • Another problem that aspirants face in RC passages is poor vocabulary. Poor vocabulary skills are a major disadvantage in RCs. For this reason, it is recommended that you read frequently and highlight the complex and unfamiliar words. This will help you enrich your vocabulary.
  • Inability to understand the questions: This is the other problem that the aspirants face in their preparation. Typically for the CAT exam, the RC asks tricky questions to confuse test takers. It is important to read them through and answer them perfectly. Again, this can be solved if you practice last year’s work and become familiar with the paper sample. Also, if you don’t understand the nature of the questions, don’t panic; Usually fear obscures your rational mind, forcing you to make mistakes on the exam.
  • Slower reading speed in RC for CAT: Most of the aspirants do not have a reading habit, and they struggle to read the comprehension time-bound. In order to be able to read on time, a regular reading habit is necessary. You can refer to resources like The Economist. Make sure you read at least one or two longer passages every day.

These are some of the problems many aspirants face: from vocabulary to slower reading speed. The only solution for them is exercise! Read as much as you can. However, do keep the value for money in mind and don’t overdo it in the RC section as you may turn your attention to the other CAT topics as well.

Reading comprehension for CAT strategies

Since text passages are very important in your CAT exam, you should not ignore this section. You need to develop an interest in world affairs and literature.

  • Know the structure: Most reading comprehension passages follow a fixed structure. There is an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Look for sentences that change the subject of the English passage. Mark them as important. Highlight the essence of each topic they are talking about.
  • Identify keywords: Each passage must have certain keywords around which the main idea of ​​the RC passages could revolve. Mark such keywords and proceed with your preparation. They will help you answer the following questions.
  • You can also Try to predict what the author might say in the next paragraph while you read This will strengthen your understanding of the passage.
  • Guiding principle: Always focus on the main idea of ​​the passage. Don’t focus on the small details of the paragraph. Since the passages are full of pen, it would save you a lot of time in the end to ignore them while reading.
  • Build a good vocabulary: By reading enough passages of text and remembering the meanings of difficult words, you will answer the RCs easily. You can start by familiarizing yourself with root words as they will help you understand the meaning of the unknown words, and then gradually move on to antonyms and synonyms of complex / common words.

Tips to improve reading comprehension

  • Active reading: That’s the old school tip. Most cited. There is no better tip than this to improve your RC for CAT skills. Read as much as you can – don’t just focus on passive reading, but actively study the passage. Understand why that particular word was chosen to give meaning to the sentence, ask yourself questions, and keep an active reminder of what you just read.
  • speed: another important factor besides understanding the passage. The speed at which you read and understand the passage is also crucial. If you can quickly understand a passage of text, you will save a lot of time in solving the other sections of the work.
  • Attempt of the questions of understanding: There are different approaches that test takers take for RC for CAT. Either they read the questions first before reading the passage, or they understand the passage first and then try the questions. Both approaches are valid, and you can choose the path that suits you. However, reading the questions first will give you an idea of ​​the key points to focus on, and will help you filter out the filler words and phrases.

These were the key points that you needed to focus on in order to pass the RC for the CAT test. For the detailed CAT 2022 preparation strategy, click here.

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