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The Silverzone International Foundation has the Silverzone International Olympics of the English Language. The main objective of these Olympics is to achieve a student’s level of proficiency in the English language in the Silver Zone. The International English Language Olympics will start in November and December of 2022. All students who are ready in the SilverZone IOEL 2022 exam can fill out the registration form and get more information from the official website. This article also provides information about this Olympic exam such as exam dates, curriculum, date of declaration of results, price and much more.

SilverZone IOEL 2022

Silverzone Enterprises conducts several exams, for which registration for the Silverzone Olympiad 2022 takes place as student and school registration. The online registration for the Silver Zone 2022 can be completed by students directly via the official website

For offline registration, the form can be obtained from the relevant schools such as. fill out SOF registration 2022. Interested students can fill out the registration form for the SilverZone Olympiad for the following Olympiad according to the eligibility of the respective Olympiad.

  • International Computer Science (IIO) Olympiad
  • International Mathematical Olympiad (iOM)
  • Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympics (ABHO)
  • International Science Olympiad (iOS)
  • International English Language Olympics (iOEL)
  • Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympics (SKGKO)
  • International Social Studies Olympiad (iSSO)
  • International Olympiad of Reason and Aptitude (iRAO)
  • Little Star Olympiad (LKG, UKG)
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Important dates for Silverzone IOEL 2022

The tentative schedule for the Silver Zones Olympics is given below:

Main events Preliminary dates
Availability of the application form The first week of July 2022
Last date for submitting the application form Last week of August 2022
Release of the admission ticket The first week of September 2022
Exam date The first week of November 2022 & the second week of December 2022
Statement of results February / March 2023

SilverZone IOEL of the English language exam template

Candidates wishing to participate in the International Olympiad of the English Language should review the exam schedule given below:

  • Exam mode – Both online and offline.
  • Types of questions – target-type multiple choice questions
  • Language of the questions – English
  • Duration of the exam – 40 minutes
  • Number of questions – different for different classes as indicated below
    • For grades 1 to 2: 25 questions
    • Grades 3 to 5: 30 questions
    • For grades 6 to 8: 35 questions
    • Two grades 9 to 12 40 questions
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For classes 1 to 2
subjects Number of questions Overall grades
General English 4 (3 for class 2) 14th
grammar 6 (7 to grade 2) 21
vocabulary 5 20th
Understanding and composition 5 20th
Earnings zone 5 25th
total 25th 100
Grade 3 and 4
subjects Number of questions Overall grades
grammar 7th 21
vocabulary 11th 33
Understanding and composition 7th 21
Excellence zone 5 25th
total 30 marks 100 marks
Class 5.
subjects Number of questions Overall grades
grammar 7th 21
vocabulary 11th 33
Understanding and composition 7th 21
Excellence zone 5 25th
total 30 marks 100 marks
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Grade 6th, 7th and 8th
subjects Number of questions Overall grades
grammar 10 25th
vocabulary 12th 30th
Understanding and composition 8th 20th
Excellence zone 5 25th
total 35 100
Grade 9th and 10th
subjects Number of questions Overall grades
grammar 10 16
vocabulary 12th 24
Understanding and composition 12th 36
Brilliance zone 6th 24
total 40 100
11th and 12th grade
subjects Number of questions Overall grades
Understanding and composition 12th 30th
grammar 10 20th
vocabulary 10 20th
Brilliance zone 8th 30th
total 40 100
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Syllabus for the SilverZone International Olympiad English Language

  • Class 1: Introduction to Computer, Main Parts of the Computer, Using the Computer, Introduction to Keyboard and Mouse, Starting and Shutting Down the Computer, Tips for Caring for Your Computer, and Introduction to MS Paint
  • Class 2: Types of computers Parts of the computer, functioning of the computer, keyboard and mouse use, use of the computer in our world, introduction to the notepad, drawing in MS-Paint and starting WordPad
  • Class 3: Introduction to hardware and software, introduction to Windows 10, working with MS-Paint, introduction to MS-Word 2016, more about Wordpad, introduction to the Internet, more about Notepad and starting Wordpad
  • Class 4: History of the computer, input and output devices, memory and storage devices, more about Windows 10, software classification, formatting in MS Word 2016, introduction to MS-PowerPoint 2016 and using the Internet
  • Class 5: Generating computers, More about Windows 10, Tables in MS-Word 2016, Introduction to MS-Excel 2016, More about PowerPoint 2016 and Internet and e-mail
  • Class 6: Computer languages, algorithm and flowchart, mail merge, formatting of data in Excel, formulas and calculations in Excel and the Internet
  • Class 7: Operating system basics, introduction to the number system, advanced Excel functions, computer viruses and the Internet
  • Class 8: Some advanced computer technologies, introduction to HTML 5, basics of HTML 5, introduction to CSS 3, introduction to computer networks and data representation and number system
  • Class 9: Basics of information technology, operating system, HTML 5, more on network and internet, CSS 3, cybersecurity and Python or ICT
  • Class 10: More on computer networks, HTML 5, CSS 3, Python and cyber ethics or ICT
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SilverZone IOEL Awards and Rewards

Each winner of the Silverzone International Olympiad of English Language receives an award. The various prizes and awards are listed below:

Ranks Awards
1 Rs- 10,000 / –
2. Rs- 7,500 / –
3. Rs- 5,000 / –
4th to 10th Exciting prices
11th to 500th Certificate of Topper Achievement
1st, 2nd and 3rd in zone Medals of Excellence
1st, 2nd and 3rd at school Medals of Excellence, the toppers must have achieved at least 50% of the number of points

Selection criteria

Students wishing to attend the Silverzone International Olympiad must meet the following entry criteria:

  • All students currently studying in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to participate.
  • Students should be permanent residents of India.
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Silverzone International Olympiad English language admission ticket

  • Students must collect their admission card from the school.
  • On the basis of the data transmitted by the school, the authorities create access cards on behalf of their students.
  • Students who submit their enrollment form only if they receive the admission card.
  • No candidate is allowed to enter the examination room without an admission card.

Application form for Silverzone International Olympiad of English language 2022

The application form for the Silverzone International Olympiad of Science Language 2022 will be available at the school. As the Silverzone Foundation does not accept individual application forms from students, all candidates must contact the school to receive the application form and full details of the registration process are provided below:

  • In order to have its students enrolled, the school must contact the silverzone foundation.
  • The foundation then sends the prospectus and registration forms to the school.
  • The school can also receive the prospectus without registering. To do this, the client must contact the foundation.
  • In the registration form, the candidate must provide all of his or her details, such as educational, personal and contact details.
  • The school will submit the registration form on behalf of the students.
  • Admission cards are only issued for those students who submit an application form to the school before the last appointment.

SilverZone IOEL of English Language 2022 result

The result of the International English Olympiad 2022 is expected to be available in February or March 2023.

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