Release of UCEED approval card postponed in 2022; Check the new date here

Update of the UCEED approval card 2022: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has postponed the release of admission cards for the upcoming Common Entrance Test for Design (UCEED) for students in 2022. Registered candidates who appear for the exam will be able to download their admission cards from the official website starting January 12th. Previously, a release was planned for today.

UCEED 2022 will take place on January 23rd. According to the revised schedule, the admissions card will be available for download starting January 12th and the results will be announced on March 10th. Once published, the UCEED 2022 Admission Card will be available at www.uceed.iitb. be available

UCEED admission card 2022: important points at a glance

The candidate must have a printed copy of the downloaded admission card and keep it with him for the duration of the exam.

  • The candidate must check himself out and be present on the day of the exam at the correct center according to the address and schedule indicated on the admission card.
  • Only candidates with a valid admission card are allowed to enter the examination center.
  • The identity of the candidate is checked by supervisors and IIT representatives. If there is any doubt about the identity of the candidate, the candidate cannot appear for the examination. However, after certain formalities have been completed, the authorities may, at their own discretion, allow the candidate to appear for the examination.

No additional time is allowed to complete the examination than the time required to complete these formalities.

In the event that a candidate is allowed to appear with a doubtful identity, their candidacy is subject to the decision of the UCI Committee, which is final and binding.

  • Impersonation and / or the use of improper means in the examination constitutes a serious criminal offense which will result in the immediate expulsion of the candidate from UCEED and result in criminal proceedings against the candidate.
  • The candidate is NOT allowed to use electronic devices (cell phones, smartphones, digital / smart watches, calculators, tablets and the like), abacus, slide rules, logbooks, learning materials of any kind, geometry boxes etc. in the examination room. A prohibited items list will be posted on the website prior to the exam if there are additional items.
  • The candidate must remain in the examination room for the entire duration of the examination.

UCEED approval card 2022: SYLLABUS

UCEED 2022 will consist of two parts.

Part-A contains questions on the following topics:

  • Visualization and spatiality: image and diagram questions for testing

Understand the transformation and / or manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects and

their spatial relationships, knowledge of practical and everyday mechanical and

scientific concepts.

  • Observational and design sensitivity: ability to find hidden properties in ordinary people

Things, people, situations and events, and think about them critically. Applies

pay attention to certain details, analyze, argue, classify, reason and predict.

Ability to spot subtle differences in visual characteristics and aesthetic results.

  • Environmental and Social Awareness: General awareness of environmental factors such as

such as climate, population, water, vegetation, pollution, weather, natural resources, etc. and

their effects on the design of products, images, infrastructure and the environment.

Awareness of the social and cultural connection with design, the history of what has been designed

Artifact and socially responsible and environmentally sound design responses.

History of art, sculpture and literature.

  • Analytical and logical thinking: ability to look at information, be it qualitative or

quantitative in nature and recognize patterns in the information. Ability to weigh

Opinions, arguments or solutions based on suitable criteria. Possibility to look for hidden ones

Bias or hidden assumptions, and whether evidence and arguments support conclusions.

Ability to use logic and structured thinking to deduce which one from a short passage

Number of statements is the most accurate answer to a question asked. Data

Interpretations, brain teasers, and patterns.

  • Language and Creativity: Ability to understand and use standard English. reading

Understanding, knowledge of English grammar. Ability to think creatively in relation to

Alternatives, the ability to differentiate between innovative options and to think outside the box.

  • Design thinking and problem solving: ability to use visual analogies, metaphors, signs

and symbols. Ability to understand complexity, recognize problems, generate alternatives,

Evaluate options and choose solutions.

Part-B contains ONE question from the following topic:

  • Drawing: Ability to draw products, people or scenes in relation to a good line

Quality, composition, proportion, perspective and shading.

Note: The topics listed above are exhaustive and indicate the nature of the questions.

However, UCEED 2022 may not cover all topics.

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