RPSC RAS Know Complete Strategy & Guide

RPSC RAS exam is conducted every year to recruit the candidates for the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS). The RAS is the top state governed services and the candidates aspire to get selected in the RAS exam. The exam is conducted a statewide simultaneously and the success ratio in the exam is very low.


RAS exam requires a well-planned strategy and quality study material. The candidates should make the study plan and then proceed accordingly. The candidates should read below the critical components for the RAS preparation.

How to prepare for RAS exam?

The RAS exam is the topmost exam and the competition is very high in the state PSC exam. The candidates should always keep in mind that they require awareness about the current happenings and art and culture of the state. RAS exam is very particular for the Art and Culture of the state. RAS exam is a three-stage exam and the RAS prelims exam is the first stage.

Making Study Plan

RAS prelims exam is a screening exam and it filters most candidates at this stage only. To avoid the disqualification at the preliminary stage, the candidates need to plan very effectively and include the RAS main also in their plan.

The candidates should make a comprehensive plan to include the RAS main exam also because the RAS syllabus is common. So preparing the RAS main also includes the RAS prelims exam. The candidate should make the study plan based on their interest area and their academic background. The study plan should be skewed towards the topics which seem complex to the candidate. The study plan should also include the time for the revision because revision is the key to success.

The study plan should be prepared by the candidates himself based on his or her preference for the study time. Some candidates prefer to study in the morning and some at night. So the study plan should be made accordingly.

Study Material

The Rajasthan state board books are very important for the RAS exam because they cover the local folklores in the best way. These books cover the industrial development of Rajasthan, the geography of Rajasthan and the contribution of Rajasthan’s personalities in the freedom struggle. All these components are very important for the RAS prelims and main exam.

The NCERT books are the best source of information for the basic core subjects of the General Studies paper. The General Studies for the RAS exam can be prepared through the NCERT books and standard books for the core subject topics.

Apart from the basic and standard books, the candidates should cover the current affairs thoroughly, as it is very important for the prelims and main exam.

Current Affairs

The candidates should cover the current affairs to its fullest extent with special emphasis on the current events important from the state’ point of view. The current events of national and international importance are very dynamic and there is a daily addition of the events. The current affairs influence the whole direction of the RAS preparation as the majority of the questions are asked from the confluence of the current event and the core problem beneath it.

Newspaper can play a very important role in preparing the current affairs for the RAS exam. For the RAS exam, the candidate should follow a national newspaper, a local Rajasthan’s local newspaper and one current affair monthly magazine.

Previous year Question papers

The RAS question papers of previous years can immensely help the candidates in preparing for the RAS Prelims and main exam. Previous year question papers can guide the RAS preparation in a better way. The RAS question papers can be used to make a list of important topics, how the questions are asked in the RAS exam. The candidates can understand the demand of the RAS exam only through the deep analysis of the RAS question papers. The previous year’s question papers can serve the candidates as the mock test papers when solved in a time-bound manner.

Preparing Notes

Hand-written notes are the essential part of the RPSC RAS preparation. The notes are immensely helpful in the exam time and at the time of revision. The candidates should prepare the notes for each of the topic given in the RAS syllabus and the current events of the state. It will be very useful at the time of the exam.

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