RRB Group D Mathematics – Best preparation strategies and tips and tricks

RRB group D According to the 2020 exam model, the exam has four parts – math, general science, general awareness and current affairs, and general intelligence and reasoning. RRB group D Math area RRB group D The test report is one of the most important parts of a candidate. Candidates can prepare themselves through the basic concepts and formulas of mathematics. This part requires a minimum of 3-4 hours per day, and candidates can easily get high scores. When preparing for RRB D group mathematics, it is important to revise all topics regularly. The total number of points for the examination is 100 points, of which the mathematics part comprises 25 points.

rrb group d math skills

RRB Group D math preparation strategies and some tips are as follows:

  • Do not use shortcuts when starting preparation. Try to understand the basic knowledge of all subjects and dispel any doubts on each subject. Once you have mastered these topics, you can use shortcuts or tricks in this section.
  • You need to allow adequate time for each topic in the exam schedule. First, try to focus on the weak topics that you are less prepared for. Regularly practice other subjects for which you are well prepared but which pay little. Try to give less than 45 seconds for each problem.

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  • When you have thoroughly practiced all of the topics, try increasing your computing speed. To this end, candidates must learn tips on most subjects that will help save time solving difficult issues on the exam.

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  • For faster calculations, please remember tables, squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, fractions in percentage tables, etc. This will also help you improve accuracy and speed.
  • Unless you know quick tricks, avoid this shortcut method as it can lead to false problems.

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  • Try to solve the exam questions for the past two or three years and try to take mock tests every day.

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Important topics in mathematics

Number systems, BODMAS, decimals, fractions, LCM, HCF, ratios and proportions, percentages, measure, time and labor; Time and Distance, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Geometry and Triangle, Elementary Statistics, Square Root, Age Calculation, Calendar and Clock, Rohr and Hodge, etc.

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