rrb group d prep tips: rrb group d exam: follow these tips to prepare for group d exam, you will succeed – rrb group d prep tips and tricks will know how to take this exam


  • This way you prepare for the RRB Group D exam in less time.
  • It is important to refer to the syllabus for exam preparation.
  • Last minute tests and quick notes are your best friend.

The recruitment test of RRB Group D, which has been bogged down for more than two years, will be carried out in different phases from February 23rd. This examination by the staff council creates a total of 1,03,769 positions for various positions in RRB group D. This setting includes track maintainer grade IV, helper / assistant in various technical departments (electrical, mechanical and S&T departments), assistant points man, etc. If you are also preparing for this exam, then you will need to intensify your preparation, because now there are still almost 5 weeks in this exam. This exam is one of the toughest in the country due to the number of candidates who have taken it. This time around 2 crore candidates applied for this Group D exam. In this way, around 200 candidates face each other for a position, which makes it difficult to crack this exam. Here we reveal the exam preparation tips to you in less time.

First, learn the curriculum

In order to appear on an exam, it is very important to first have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. If you have a good knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, you can prepare intensively. Some people start to prepare without knowing the curriculum, which leaves them with a lot of problems during the exam. If you don’t know the curriculum, you are missing out on a lot of important topics. In such a situation, candidates are encouraged to read and understand their curriculum carefully.

prepare with planning

In order to pass the RRB Group D exam, good planning is important. Now there is very little time left for this exam, so complete your preparation with a rescheduling. This exam is graded 100 points, for which candidates must also try 100 questions. That means, each question has 1 point. A total of 90 minutes are available for this. 25 questions from General Science, 25 from Mathematics, 30 from General Intelligence and Reasoning, 20 from General Awareness and Current Affairs are asked. Keep this pattern in mind and complete your topics. Prioritize completing your incomplete curriculum.

don’t give wrong answers at all

If you want to pass this exam, remember that there is also a negative rating so you don’t have to give wrong answers. If you are not 100% sure about a question, you can skip it and move on. Otherwise, your time will be wasted and points will be deducted for incorrect answers. Since you only get 30-35 seconds for each question, you need to prepare to give the correct answer in less time.

Prepare math from the NCERT book

If you are good at math, you may find it a relief on this exam that the math section questions are at the elementary level, but sometimes students start reading from hard books for this. Later the concept is not clear and everyone starts to forget before the exam. Hence, it is best that you prepare from NCERT books. Make use of old notes too.

Points in current affairs

In this exam, 20 questions from current affairs are asked. This subject is the best subject for assessment in the exam. You don’t have to do much to do this, but keep the key events of the past 1-2 years in mind. For this you need to read newspaper, magazine every day. You have to do this work according to a rule every day. You can easily score 20 out of 20.

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Loosen old papers

If you would like to better prepare yourself for this exam, then solve the old exercise sheets continuously. This will give you an idea of ​​the correct pattern of the paper. You can also prepare professionally. Dissolving old papers will also give you practice. At the same time, you can also assess your own abilities in solving the old questions. Practicing can also give an idea of ​​how much time it will take you to ask the question.

Mock tests and taking notes is important

Practice tests and short notes should be your best friend in this exam preparation. These two are your last minute companions. Try to take as many test tests as you can in the final days of the exam. It will help you identify your strong side with your weak side so that you can focus on them. On the other hand, the short notes will help you better prepare the entire curriculum in less time. If you look at these, you will remember the entire curriculum studied.


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