RRB NTPC preparation 2022: preparation strategies and tips for experts

RRB NTPC preparation 2022: preparation strategies and tips for experts

RRB NTPC preparation 2022:

RRB NTPC preparation tips 2022 available here !!! The Railway Recruitment Board has approved the job posting for various positions. This job recruitment falls under the non-technical popularity category.

Typically, the board of directors recruited large numbers of candidates for various positions each year. This year, too, they had advertised positions in various sectors. This is the greatest chance for candidates to get a job in the railway sector. The exam date is still controversial as the recruitment agency has not been confirmed. The exam date will be announced shortly. If you are interested in regular updates, please stay with us.

rrb ntpc exam It is the most preferred exam among the contest candidates. There is always a great demand for railroad jobs in India. Due to the excellent salary level, career development and reputation of the central government in its society. Candidates must therefore begin their preparation with a clear strategy.

rrb ntpc mock test

RRB NTPC Prep Tips 2022: Strategies To Follow

The level of competition in competitive exams is increasing rapidly from day to day. This is due to the increased number of competitors. To be successful in a tough competitive environment, candidates must develop or follow certain strategies. These strategies will ensure your exam success. there are some strategies

(i) Get the latest updates RRB NTPC curriculum & exam template,

(ii) Gather the prep material that corresponds to the current curriculum.

(iii) Develop your curriculum for each section on a daily basis.

(iv) Spend time on at least one topic per day for each section.

(v) In between, please submit test tests in sections.

(v) Analyze mock tests to improve your accuracy and time management.

(vi) After completing all subjects RRB NTPC 2022 online mock test.

(vii) Review your test and analyze your strong and weak sections, then only you can improve your overall score on your exam.

RRB NTPC 2022 Preparation Tips: Selection Process

The board conducts the selection process on the basis of the

  1. Computer-based test – CBT-1
  2. Computer-based test – CBT-2
  3. Writing test (for the contribution of.) Junior Accounts Assistant cum typist, Senior Clerk cum typist, and older time watchman,
  4. Aptitude test (for the position of.) Deputy station master and traffic assistant,
  5. Document review
  6. medical fitness test
  7. Final selection

RRB NTPC exam pattern:

RRB NTPC preparation 2022: CBT 1 exam template:

serial number section Number of questions Highest Score length of time
1 mathematics 30th 30th 90 minutes
2 General intelligence and reasoning 30th 30th
3 general awareness 40 40
total 100 100

RRB NTPC preparation 2022: CBT-2 exam template:

serial number section Number of questions Highest Score length of time
1 mathematics 35 35 90 minutes
2 General intelligence and reasoning 35 35
3 general awareness 50 50
total 120 120

RRB NTPC 2022 exam template is the same for CBT 1 and 2 exams. When candidates should focus more on CBT 1, this is useful for the CBT 2 exam.

Preparation tips:

RRB NTPC Prep Tips 2022: Maths Section

Math is the most important section for all proficiency tests. Some of the strategies that should be followed for this section. she

  • Don’t try short cuts if you are a beginner. Focus on first Basic concepts of mathematics,
  • Basic concepts like Formula, table, square, cube, square root, cube root, etc.
  • Knowing the basics well can help you improve your preparation yourself. Quantitative aptitude links,
  • Mathematics is a matter of practice. Manual pen and paper practice for each topic in the aptitude section will only improve your accuracy in your calculations.
  • All subjects available in the curriculum should be studied carefully.
  • After completing all subjects, candidates should start practicing the previous year’s work. You can see the level of difficulty of the exam based on the work from the previous year.
  • Choosing the right question is most important for everyone. One has to choose the right question to manage one’s precious time to avoid unwanted calculations.
  • take it again rrb ntpc cutting test 2022, After completing the test, analyze your report to know your strengths and weaknesses. Then you can focus more on your weaker section to improve your grades.

RRB NTPC Prep Tips 2022: General Intelligence and Reasoning

General intelligence and reasoning is the easiest part of the exam to get good results. As candidates focus more on this section, their scores increase. There are some useful strategies to follow to improve your overall grade, such as:

  • If you are new to competitive exams this will sound strange to you. But with enough knowledge of each concept, you can be an expert on any subject. for this reason Argue basic concepts Absolutely necessary.
  • Start your preparation with simple topics like direction and distance, consanguinity, classification, coding and decoding, ranking, etc.
  • Amount is too much Tricks of reasoning and shortcuts on any topic. Try to simplify the concepts to better solve the questions in less time.
  • Practice puzzles and seating arrangements with lots of numbers. Only in the RRB NTPC 2022 exam can you build probabilities in less time and find answers faster. This is to avoid wasting time.
  • After you have completed all the subjects, try to solve the questions from the previous year. Only then can you know the level of the questions that fall under this section.
  • don’t forget to take
  • You should analyze your report after you finish your test. This increases your overall score.

RRB NTPC Prep Strategy 2022: General Awareness

General Awareness is the highest-scoring part of your RRB NTPC 2022 exam. If you are the master of this section, you can certainly pass your NTPC exam with good grades. There are some useful strategies that you should follow in preparing for this section, such as:

  • general awareness The section is divided into Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), History (Medieval and Modern History of India), Geography, Politics (Indian Law and Constitution), Static GK (Day, Capital and Currency etc.) and Current (Economy). classified as. Budget, games, awards, etc.).
  • Review the detailed RRB NTPC 2022 syllabus for each subject in the General Awareness section.
  • Study the basic concepts of each subject thoroughly, especially for science.
  • Conceptual knowledge is essential for this scientific section. Because most of the questions will come from concepts.
  • To prepare, you can use the NCERT textbooks for the respective subjects, especially the textbooks for grades 9 to 12.
  • For science, you should have formulas, units, constant values, reactions, chemical names, and more on hand.
  • In the History section, try to study the history of the Middle Ages to modern times, that is, Indian independence. After that, we should pay more attention to our Indian laws and constitutions. Because there are always many questions that fall under these topics.
  • For geography, you should focus on both the world and India. Such as rivers, mountains, plateaus, borders, atmosphere, solar system, neighboring countries, etc.
  • Static GK Contains many topics. Therefore, candidates must receive up-to-date updated material relating to the general knowledge for the RRB NTPC exam.
  • current affairs It is the most important subject for all competitive exams. To do this, candidates have to watch the news on TV channels, read daily newspapers, magazines, etc. on a daily basis. Everyone should read the breaking news for at least a year.

RRB NTPC 2022: General Tips

  • Without a doubt, read each topic carefully.
  • Make your way through without hesitation.
  • Revision is necessary for everyone. Once your preparation / study is complete, start revising. More and more revisions will strengthen your conceptual knowledge.
  • practice a lot rrb ntpc mock test So that your skills like speed, accuracy, time management and picking the right questions can be improved.
  • Analyze your test tests and review your reports, then only you can know your skills and preparation level.
  • If a candidate possesses all of the above qualities, he / she is sure to pass the upcoming RRB NTPC 2022 exam.

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