RRB paramedic books 2021 | Do you know topic-related books and tips!

Candidates can read the books by the RRB Paramedical Staff to get a complete picture of the topics that will be put on the exam. Since this demand comes with immense competition, it is also recommended that candidates for the RRB Paramedical Personnel Examination review the preparation tips. We have provided the names of the RRB books for paramedical staff to help with passing the exam:

  • According to the Paramedical Staff Examination Scheme, RRB candidates are advised to read and follow the names of the books for aptitude and subjects concerned
  • These books are helpful for gaining conceptual knowledge of the topics relevant to the exam.
  • Candidates are also advised to use other resources, such as: B. exercise sets, test series and previous year’s work to pass the exam with good grades
  • It is also recommended to revise all basic concepts for all topics that apply to the occupational profile of paramedics at the RRB in order to stay ahead of the competition

Those who will take the entrance exam are asked to follow the books of the RRB Paramedic. It is also advisable to read the prep tips and other sources in order to pass the RRB Paramedic Exam with ease.

You can also see the details of the RRB paramedic staff here.

RRB Medical Staff Books 2021

According to the official statement from the RRB, candidates must qualify for both levels of the RRB medical personnel exam template. Check out the names of the RRB Paramedical books that will aid them in the investigation.


Name of the books

Author / publication


General subjects

General arithmetic

Fast track arithmetic

Arihant publications

Master all subjects of arithmetic with this book

Quantitative suitability

RS Aggarwal

Follow this book to practice various Aptitude concepts

How much CAT

Sarvesh Kumar Verma

One of the best books for getting different kinds of questions out there over the last few years

General intelligence & reasoning

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

RS Aggrawal

This book helps develop the basics of verbal and non-verbal thinking.

Nonverbal reasoning

Arihant publication

It offers many practice questions to help you master the various topics of the mind test.

Crack test of thinking

Jaikishan and Premkishan

Use this book to gain conceptual knowledge of each of the chapters of thought

General awareness

Test book

One of the best sources to get all of the GA updates

Hindu editorials

The Hindu

Use this book to find out the latest happening around the world

Manorama Annual Book

Moms Mathew

Follow this book to get the basics of general knowledge

General science


OM books

Follow this source for an in-depth understanding of all of the basic concepts

General science

Lucent Publications

Use this book to understand all of the concepts of GS. to experience

Bhaskes General Science

Sachin Bhaske

Learn the basic concepts of science with this book

Professional Skills

Depending on the topic concerned

Depending on the topic concerned

Prepare for the professional subject according to the job requirements

Check out the updates on the paramedical staff’s RRB score here.

Other sources for the RRB paramedic exam 2021

Aside from books, candidates are encouraged to consider other sources that may aid them in their studies. As per our recommendations, it is recommended to follow the sources below:

  • Candidates can choose to take the RRB medical staff test suite, which will help them assess their basic preparatory skills.
  • RRB Paramedical Staff Previous Year Papers are also helpful in getting an idea of ​​the Question Level types and trends that the Board is following in creating the Question Paper.

Check here the salary and job profile of RRB Paramedic.

Tips for preparing RRB’s paramedical staff

Candidates seeking a selection in one of the RRB Paramedic job profiles must follow a number of preparation tips in order to pass the written exam. Check out the following section for the preparation tips for the upcoming RRB exam:

  • You should prefer RRB books for paramedical staff as they will have a better understanding of the conceptual knowledge of the various exam-related topics
  • Candidates should also prefer trial series to understand the preparation level analysis and get a correct picture of their findings
  • Trying to prepare prior year records of the RRB’s paramedical staff will help candidates understand the trends tracked by the board as they prepare questionnaires
  • It is also recommended that a proper revision routine be followed to revise important topics relevant to the paramedical exam

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