SC gives CBSE grade 12 students the opportunity to improve their exam scores

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered the Central Committee on Secondary Education (CBSE) to allow students who either failed or scored lower in their Grade 12 improvement exams to retain their original assessment to protect their academic careers.

A bench of judges AM Khanwilkar and CT Ravikumar passed the order while processing a petition filed by 11 students who challenged the rule made by the CBSE in its Tabulation Policy of 2021 that made the improvement review results mandatory for all future purposes. Some of these students who “passed” on their original grades ended up receiving lower grades or were declared “failed” on the augmentation test conducted from August to September 2021. Having already been admitted to undergraduate courses, they appealed to the court to save their academic year by allowing them to keep their original grades.

The bank found no justification in denying students the choice to keep their original score, and then deleted paragraph 28 of the spreadsheet guideline, which said, “The grades obtained on the later exam are final.”

The bank said, “In the past, you have done it, what is the difficulty of doing it again. Give us a reason why this is not possible. ”Attorney Rupesh Kumar appeared for CBSE and filed an affidavit stating that the board had decided to partially change its guidelines and taught students who failed or prompted were asked to retake the test to keep their original score. However, regarding those who scored fewer points on improvement, the board was unwilling to look into their case.

The affidavit filed by CBSE Examiner Sanyam Bhardwaj states: “Students cannot be allowed to appeal the said decision (paragraph 28 of the Policy) after knowingly participating in the process if they discover that the following result is for it is not cheap. ”The result of the improvement test was announced on September 29th.

However, to ensure that “the academic career of students is not compromised,” the CBSE amended its tabulation policy on June 17. It was also found that the students who failed the exam did not fit into the current pattern and curriculum of objective question-based exams.

The 11 student petitioners were represented by attorney Mamta Sharma, who said the students would lose a crucial year if they adhered to CBSE policies and asked the court for a compassionate approach.

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