School initiatives to prepare students in grades 10-12 for exams Exam preparation class

Pune: The state government has ordered schools and colleges to close and online education to continue. However, when the school was declared closed again, the “tension” of teachers and parents increased in view of the upcoming 10th to 12th chamber examinations. But now the school seems to be taking the initiative. Schools continue to prepare writing exercises, practice tests and practical tests for the students of grades X-XII. Teachers say it’s possible for students to prepare for exams. (Corona: Schools and universities closed)

Educational institutions were forced to implement the state government’s order to close schools and universities. Schools have been closed and online classes have resumed. Meanwhile, teachers have also observed that student attendance, who attend 80 to 85 percent of actual school, dropped to 20 to 30 percent after online classes began.

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Schools are currently preparing students for grades X-XII. Mahendra Ganapule, State Spokesman for the Heads’ Association, said: Therefore, pre-exams and practice exams are being conducted in schools to compensate for the declining writing practice of the X-XII grade students. Appropriate guidance is also given to the students by notifying them in writing of the deficiencies. In addition, the schools are working on year-round experiments, registers, exercises, projects and internal evaluations.

Emphasis on solving exercises

“Every day when the actual school started, the students attended the school with great enthusiasm. Now that online classes have resumed, student absenteeism has increased. There is a break in the study of 10th to 12th standard students. The students are currently receiving exercises for their studies. This is taken away from the students. The students in the tenth to twelfth grades concentrate on their studies due to minimum exams. But due to the closure of the school, the ninth grade students are suffering greatly.

– Eknath Burse, Principal, HA High School, Pimpri

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At least 10-12 classes should be started

“Millions of students across the state are currently preparing for the X-XII grade exams. After a full year of online school, where regular classes have now started, he got a ‘break’ again. Some schools were close to completing the curriculum, but some schools have started practice exams. The attendance of the pupils of classes I to IX was 80 to 85 percent when they actually started school. But only 30 to 35 percent of students take online courses. There is no continuity there either.”

– Sujit Jagtap, Secretary of the Pune District Secondary and Upper Secondary School Principals Association

“Given the limitations of online education, starting a school is important. Only then can education reach all students. There are fears that children in slums, especially slums, are not going to school due to school closures. Therefore, there is a strong demand from parents to start school. Meanwhile, Class X students are preparing for the exam.

– DR. Anita Salunke, Principal, Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Technical High School, Pune Canton

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