School kids shared exam preparation tips | Schoolchildren shared tips for exam preparation

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Ved Prakash congratulates the students on the program.

Students from Ahari State High School had a meeting with students from Maharishi Dayanand Khudan High School on Thursday. The students gave preparation tips for better exam grades and presented other programs. Ved Prakash Saini, director of the state upper secondary school, said the program was held at the Maharishi Dayanand upper secondary school in Khuddan as part of the state’s school-to-school partnership program.

Rector Ved Prakash Saini, Professor Brijesh Poonia, Professor Dharmendra Singh, Professor Hina Sharma and Professor Dr. Sheetal Sharma were appointed on behalf of the Maharishi Dayanand School Management Committee by Rector Ramesh Diloria, Dr. Rajveer Sehwag, Sudarshan Poonia. During the program, the students from both schools got to know each other.

Principal Saini run by Govt. appreciated such programs and motivated the children to participate in all of these programs. On this occasion, the students presented poetry, group dance, solo dance and singing. The invited school staff were honored with memorabilia.

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