Skills that make young India employable for future jobs

In order to do justice to the technological changes of today, in the fourth industrial revolution, graduates who are now graduating would have to retrain and retrain several times in the course of their working lives.

According to the Future of Jobs of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the core competencies such as critical thinking and analyzing, problem solving, self-management, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility would be essential characteristics for all types of jobs in the future report 2020.

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WEF also cited the top five skills employers are looking for, according to LinkedIn:

– Analytical skills

– project management

– Customer service

– marketing

– Time management

The LinkedIn recruitment rate showed that 2020 graduates were hired faster than those who graduated before the pandemic. The report added that college graduate recruitment in the United States increased over 7 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. The data also added that competition for fresher jobs remains fierce, and opportunities are unevenly distributed across sectors and differ from place to place. Most of the opportunities are in transportation and logistics, healthcare, and technology.

With all nations recovering from Covid-19, the WEF’s analysis by Indeed also finds that job seekers these days are more likely to look for jobs that offer higher wages and offer the opportunity to work remotely. This could be due to occupations such as civil engineering and computer science, which are known to welcome career changers, as well as offering retraining courses for job seekers without prior training.

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According to Indeed’s U.S. job postings, job seekers have shown more interest in the civil engineering and IT sectors since the pandemic began. In both areas there were almost 60 percent more job searches by the beginning of October 2021 than on February 1, 2020. Job searches in the areas of media and communication as well as software development also rose by more than 48 percent over the same period. Meanwhile, childcare and meal preparation were down 15 percent and service job searches were down 18 percent, while personal care and home care were down a third of searches and store and warehouse jobs were down 40 percent.

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