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Seam. Drug flavor should be delivered at the Kohka and Olive resorts, which are located near Pench National Park in the district. In fact, a New Year celebration was organized at both resorts.

A delivery was brought by Smack for this party, although it is not yet clear to which customer it is to be delivered in Smack Resort. Police are interrogating the son of the smuggler Vishal, Rajkumar Vishwakarma, who was caught with 11 grams of smack on Sunday. During the first interrogation, the accused disclosed many secrets.

Smack used to be brought from Nagpur

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According to the information, Smack was delivered from Nagpur in Maharashtra. During preliminary interrogation, the defendant announced that he would deliver Smack from Nagpur to the New Year celebrations organized at Kohka and Olive Resorts.

It’s not clear who he was trying to hit here. The police are strictly interrogating. In addition to Vishal Vishwakarma, police arrested Shubham Patle, a resident of Pakhara Village, Kanhiwada Police Station, Raj Suryavanshi, a resident of Subhash Chowk, Seoni and Ojas Rahangdale, a resident of Kabir.

The owners of the resort are interviewed

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During the preliminary interrogation of smugglers, the responsible Kotwali Police Station was instructed to interrogate the owners of the two resorts after it became known that the supplies of narcotics at the Olive and Kohka resorts had come to light. After this interrogation, there is an opportunity to obtain further information in the event of smuggling.

Here the responsible police station in Kotwali says that Rahul Baghel, a resident of Barapathar Seoni, is fleeing in the case of smuggling. After interrogating Vishal Suryavanshi, Rahul is reached after Baghel. In this case, Rahul Baghel is likely to join a different thread; according to TI, Rahul Baghel is involved in smuggling.

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In that case, the superintendent of the Kumar Police said that during the interrogation of the arrested defendant, it became clear that Smack was to be delivered by bringing Smack from Nagpur to Kohna and Olive Resorts near Pench National Park.

The New Year celebration was organized here. It is not clear who the Smack should be delivered to. Kotwali police have been ordered to interrogate the owners of both resorts. After the interrogation of the resort owner and the arrested defendant is complete, there will be an opportunity to obtain further information on the matter.

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