Some simple tips to help you prepare for the GATE exam

The GATE exam is administered to test the knowledge and understanding of undergraduate students in various engineering and science disciplines. It is conducted jointly by IISC and IITs. The GATE exam is considered one of the toughest exams in our country. The GATE exam is very important for the candidates pursuing an engineering and science degree. By passing the GATE exam, the candidate gains admission to a foreign university with a good scholarship offer.

Against this background, we have given you some tips for preparing for the GATE exam in this message.

Find the required books according to the syllabus –

There are many books for all GATE exam topics. As a rule, two to three books are sufficient for a specific topic. Measure the time so that you can give each book time as needed. Because sometimes we end up having a hard time finding time for other information, or if in doubt we can also fall back on other books.


Understand the GATE syllabus and exam pattern

The first step in GATE preparation is to understand the GATE syllabus and exam pattern. Because there may be minor changes in the syllabus, but not much change in the pattern. In addition, full planning can only take place once the test plan and pattern are known.

Strengthen aptitude and mathematics

It is very important to focus on aptitude and mathematics as these subjects score very well and there are almost 30 questions in the GATE exam in this subject. Books are readily available for them in the market.

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Focus on conceptual knowledge

It is important to have concept knowledge as the candidates’ concept test is also taken in the GATE exam. Formula questions are very rare.

Practice the previous year’s GATE exam paper and a mock test

Practicing last year’s GATE Exam Paper and Mock Test will give you an idea of ​​many things. This makes it very easy for you to prepare your time management.

Prepare flashcard and short notes

After you have a good understanding of a topic, you can review it by making flashcards and short notes.


Solve the previous year’s paper with timer

At the time of the exam, everyone is very concerned about the time, whether they can solve the work in the allotted time or not, so you should take a stopwatch with you when solving the previous year’s work.
Keep it so you can have an idea of ​​how much time would be appropriate for each question.

Prepare notes on relevant and relatable topics

By taking notes on relevant and pertinent topics, you have the important part of each topic together. This allows you to easily concentrate only on the necessary subjects at the time of revision.

Create a study plan for the GATE preparation

To prepare for any exam, it is necessary to have a study plan as it will develop your time management skills. Everyone should create an appropriate study plan considering their strengths and weaknesses.


Evaluate your understanding after studying a topic

After studying any subject, you should definitely evaluate your understanding. This will also let you know about your mistakes so you can correct them in time. Through the self-evaluation you can also remember the learned topic for a long time. It also helps you retain the knowledge you have learned.

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