ssc: Schools want to hold offline Hsc and Ssc pre-exams | News from Mumbai

Mumbai: As the state education authority decided to hold offline exams for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) on schedule in March-April, schools are also insisting on preliminary physical exams for students.
Schools began preparing students for physical exams in October. School closings in January amid rising infections called pen and paper exams into question. However, the state made it clear that SSC and HSC exams will be conducted in the physical mode.
Concerned that students will be behind in completing long assignments, schools want students to take practice tests in physical mode. “The preliminary questionnaires have been discontinued. We thought about taking an online exam. Students need practice writing the offline boards. We called the students in batches to the school next week for the preliminary exams, ”said the director of a school on Charni Road.
Schools hope to get at least two practice tests before students take the SSC exams starting March 15. The practice test will give us a feel for where the students are ranked. We plan to hold offline preliminary rounds in the last week of January, ”said the director of a Borivli school.
The preliminary exam papers are kept rigorous so teachers know where the students are in the finals.


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