Term 2 CBSE Grade 11 Physical Education Curriculum 2022: CBSE Exam 2022

Review the 2022 CBSE Second Grade 11 Physical Education Curriculum and prepare for the upcoming CBSE Grade 11 annual exams.

Date created: January 12, 2022 3:24 PM IST

Term 2 CBSE Grade 11 Physical Education Curriculum 2022: CBSE Exam 2022

See Term 2 of the CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus 2022. It is important in preparation for the upcoming CBSE Class 11 annual exams. You can find the link to download the PDF at the end of this article.

Term 2 CBSE Grade 11 Physical Education Curriculum 2022:

Unit 4

Physical Education and Sports for CWSN (Children With Special

On-demand Divyang)

  • Goals and objectives of adaptive physical education
  • Organization for the Promotion of Adaptive Sports (Special Olympics.) Bharat; Paralympics; Deaflympics)
  • Role of various professionals for children with special needs (Consultant, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, sports teacher, speech therapist & special education teacher)

Part 5


  • Meaning & importance of yoga
  • Elements of yoga
  • Introduction – Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation & Yogic Kriyas
  • Concentration Yoga & Related Asanas (Sukhasana; Tadasana; Padmasana & Shashankasana, Naucasana, Vrikshasana (tree pose), Garudasana (eagle pose)

Unit 6

Physical activity & leadership training

  • Leadership skills & role of a leader
  • Importance, goals & types of adventure sports (climbing, Tracking, river rafting, mountaineering, surfing and paragliding)
  • Safety measures to prevent sports injuries

Unit 9

Psychology & Sports

  • Definition & meaning of psychology in the Phy. Edu. & Sports
  • Define and differentiate between growth and development.
  • Problems in adolescents and their management

The unit 10

Training and doping in sport

  • Importance and concept of sports training
  • Principles of sports training
  • Concept & classification of doping
  • Prohibited Substances & Their Side Effects

Term II – Practical

Project file (Yoga and General Motor Fitness Test): 5 points

Demonstration of fitness activity / yoga: 5 marks

Viva Voce (from Viva Voce (from project file; General Motor Fitness; Yoga): 5 Mark

For more informations, Download Term 2 CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus 2022 (PDF)

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